Visiting Faculty

Birka Ieva
Director of the Future Leaders Academy
Branch John D.
Lecturer. EMBA Course: Management - Marketing
Briola Edo
Lecturer. EMBA course: Corporate Accountability & Business with Purpose
Čigāne Lolita
Lecturer. BSc Course: Political Economy of Today’s Russia
Garančs Rihards
Lecturer. BSc Elective Course: Excel Advanced; EMBA Course: Big Data
Graudiņš Māris
Lecturer. BSc Elective Course: EU Institution and Their Impact on Business
Hellström Katerina
Lecturer. EMBA Courses: Financial Accounting
Jafarov Elchin
Lecturer. BSc Elective Course: Financial Mathematics
Jansone Inese
Lecturer. BSc Elective Course: Globalisation
Jemberga Sanita
Lecturer. BSc Elective Course: Introduction to Media Literacy
Kariņa-Bērziņa Ingrīda
Lecturer. BSc Course: Business Law; EMBA Course: Law for Managers
Klein Aleksandra
Lecturer and Researcher. BSc Elective Course: Project Management
Kostomarovs Arvids
Lecturer. BSc Specialisation Course: Finance
Kupstyte Jurga
Lecturer. BSc Course: Economic Anthropology
Kuzmina Inna
Lecturer. BSc Elective Course: Audit and Taxation in Baltics
Logins Guntars
Lecturer. BSc Elective Course: Fundamental Principles of Sales
Marshall Kenneth Jeffrey
Lecturer. BSc Elective Course: Investments
McTavish Stewart
Lecturer. EMBA Course: Innovations & Entrepreneurship
Meija Jānis
Property Manager/ Lawyer. Lecturer. BSc Course: Practical Real Estate
Nadricka Kristina
Lecturer. BSc Specialisation Course: Retail Management
Pavlova Marina
Lecturer. Academic advisor.
Pavluts Daniels
Lecturer. BSc Elective Course: Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
Raugalas Marius
Lecturer. BSc Course: Marketing
Reinson Heidi
Lecturer. BSc Course: Consumer Behavior
Rimac Tomislav
Lecturer. EMBA Course: Corporate Governance
Sedlenieks Klāvs
Lecturer. BSc Course: Economic Anthropology
Sosārs Viesturs
Lecturer. BSc Specialisation Course: Entrepreneurship
Sprinģe Inga
Lecturer. BSc Elective Course: Introduction to Media Literacy
Strazds Andris
Lecturer. BSc Course: Managerial Economics
Wilson E. Karen
Lecturer. BSc Course: Accounting and Finance
Wintermuth Susan
Lecturer. BSc Course: Business Law
Zashev Peter
Adjunct Professor