EMBA Programme

EMBA Programme

The Executive MBA is a challenging, small, and exclusive programme that prepares you to take on new leadership challenges. Studying in the Executive MBA programme is also about sharing your knowledge and ideas with other participants and learning from each other.

We are determined to offer the best study experience and value in existing circumstances when a fact-and-science based and development-oriented mindset is more important than ever to successfully manage your business. Our experienced faculty will share their expertise to help you navigate through the time of growing uncertainty and the new business reality we are all currently facing. 


Quick Facts

The programme is designed especially for experienced managers and professionals.

We believe that presence, insights and class discussions are one of the key elements in the learning process and we aim to run all Executive MBA modules in person. We carefully monitor the study experience to ensure that interactions with faculty and classmates are engaging and highly interactive.

  • Two-year module-based programme
  • Eighteen course weeks
  • The module at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), Sweden
  • One module in Asia
  • Elective courses with SSE
  • English as the language of instruction
  • Up to 30 students admitted per year
  • Accredited by the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science, eligible for PhD studies in other universities.
  • Diploma of Executive Master of Business Administration issued by SSE Riga





The Executive MBA classes are comprised of around 25-30 students with various academic and professional backgrounds who both can contribute to and benefit from the programme through its unique experience of group synergy.

The Executive MBA programme offered at SSE Riga combines a focus on intellectual rigour with serious business training in a format that permits business executives to continue their studies while working.

This two-year module-based programme will broaden students’ existing knowledge in business administration, promote a professional career and provide global cooperation opportunities within the SSE Alumni network.


The programme involves professors from the UK, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Singapore, as well as from the Baltic countries. 

Our team of international lecturers consists of professors who have extensive teaching experience as well as achievements in applied research and consulting.


Networking Opportunities

During the SSE Riga Executive MBA programme the students will form a network with like-minded individuals that will last a lifetime. 

As an SSE Riga Alumna/Alumnus, the graduate will join the network of SSE Riga Alumni and an even wider network of SSE - an extensive network of more than 15,000 graduates in leading positions in business and government spread around the globe.

The SSE Riga Executive MBA programme was launched in 2002 and as of today, 386 individuals have been awarded an Executive MBA diploma from SSE Riga.



We are accepting applications for the Executive MBA programme on a rolling basis.

Applications are reviewed as soon as they are received but the admission process ends by the 1st of March for the winter intake and by the 1st of June for summer intake.



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I like to be a driver, not a passenger, and high-quality business education gives a set of tools for steering not only the digital transformation of business but also self-transformation. I value international experience, experimentation, and learning from entrepreneurial-minded professionals with team spirit.

— Inga Tralla-Kancāne
Latvia, Class of 2022

SSE Riga together with its students is shaping the study model of the future, and being part of it is both challenging and exciting. I am having a life-time journey of two previously uncombined experiences simultaneously.

— Roberts Eberliņš
Class of 2022

The programme provides you not only with the mindset, skillset and toolset for modern business management but also connects you with different talents and personalities.

— Andris Gribusts
Latvia, Class of 2019

I truly enjoyed the world-class lecturers of diverse backgrounds from Scandinavia, Europe and the US. Each and every one of them had unique practical experiences to share with us as already experienced managers. 

— Janno Kuusk
Estonia, Class of 2016

My 10th grade teacher of economics told me that what you study in school for 3 years will be covered in a bachelor's degree in one course. In the Executive MBA courses, I have noticed that what I learned during my bachelor studies is covered in the first two hours. 

— Zeev Strutsovski
Estonia, Class of 2015

Diversity of experiences

The great diversity of backgrounds and traditions among the students and teaching staff is one of the most exciting aspects of studies at SSE Riga EMBA programme.
Inga Spriņķe
Executive MBA Programme Advisor. Read More
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