"By providing an education that is competitive at the European level, SSE Riga gives talented Baltic students an opportunity staying “at home” rather than going abroad for studies. Otherwise, the most talented might leave the region and once they have done that, it will be difficult to lure them back," says Anders Paalzow, SSE Riga Rector.


The School

Founded by the Stockholm School of Economics and the Latvian Government, the School started with only 56 local students. SSE Riga has grown today into internationally recognised business school with more than 2,500 alumni worldwide.

SSE Riga is a comparatively small school with a dynamic international learning environment where the majority of the courses are based on the case study method. Tuition is charged, and instruction is in English. In addition to student loans guaranteed by the government and SSE Riga, students have access to other types of financial support, such as SSE Riga Alumni Association Scholarships.

SSE Riga offers two accredited study programmes: a three-year Bachelor’s programme in Economics and Business, and an Executive MBA - a two-year professional Master’s programme:

  • 130 students every year are admitted to the Bachelor’s programme
  • 20-30 students every year enrol in the Master’s programme


SSE Riga Executive Education offers effective training and management development solutions to local and international clients in the private and public sector through the following:

  • Open Programmes – equip participants with skills and knowledge to address business challenges
  • Custom Programmes – designed to meet the specific needs of the organization

The School is also keen to promote a debate in topics that are of relevance to the Latvian economy as well as to the economies of the two other Baltic countries. The School’s capacity is strengthened with several centres for studies and research.



The mission of SSE Riga has been, since its inception in 1994, to provide a state-of-the-art education in business and economics that contributes to the economic and social development of the region, in particular Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The mission also includes research, and SSE Riga should produce state-of-the-art research of relevance to the Baltic countries, and the School should actively participate and foster public debate in its fields of competence.



The values are focused on integrity, community, and excellence.

The core values of SSE Riga provide a foundation for faculty, staff, and students to accomplish its mission.

Integrity: we adhere to high ethical standards by applying accountable academic and administrative policies, practices and services; the School requires practicing dignity and honesty in actions and words.

Community: we nurture a diverse and caring community in which each member of the School is valued and respected; a positive and friendly atmosphere is created, allowing space for individual uniqueness and teamwork collaboration.

Excellence: we demand intellectual rigor and critical enquiry in advancing academic work and expanding knowledge; we serve as a catalyst for positive changes in the Baltic countries and beyond.