Lubloy Agnes

Lubloy Agnes

Professor. BSc Courses: Management Accounting and Finance; International Finance; Research Methods; Finance Specialization Department of Accounting and Finance
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Ágnes Lublóy is a permanent faculty member at SSE Riga since June 2016. She has been involved in professional activities at SSE Riga since 2012. Before joining SSE Riga Agnes was an Associate Professor with the Department of Finance at Corvinus University of Budapest.

Ágnes graduated in finance in 2002 from Corvinus University of Budapest, and was awarded her summa cum laude PhD degree there in 2006 for her thesis on the systemic risk implications of the Hungarian interbank market. From 2005 to 2007, she was a Junior Fellow and later a Research Fellow with the Institute for Advanced Study at Collegium Budapest.

Between 2004 and 2007, Ágnes worked on three distinct research projects related to financial networks at Magyar Nemzeti Bank, the central bank of Hungary. In 2011 Ágnes received a two-year post-doctoral fellowship financed by the AXA Research Fund. During that post-doctoral fellowship she investigated the role of socio-demographic and network topological characteristics of doctors in professional interactions between general practitioners and specialists.



Corvinus University of Budapest, PhD in Business Administration
Corvinus University of Budapest, MSc in Finance

Research interests

Financial stability, financial networks
Application of network theory in economics
Networks in healthcare systems
Shared care systems (general practitioner – specialist collaboration)
Healthcare quality

Selected publications

Lublóy, Á. (2006): Topology of the Hungarian large-value transfer system. MNB Occasional papers, No. 57.

Lublóy, Á. & Tanai, E. (2008): Operational Disruption and the Hungarian Real Time Gross Settlement System (VIBER). MNB Occasional Papers, No. 75.

Lublóy, Á. & Szenes, M. (2008): Network of corporate clients: Customer attrition at commercial banks.Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, Collective phenomena in economic and social systems.P12014, 22 December 2008. pp. 1-17.

Lublóy, Á. (2012): Network theory at mobile providers. International Journal of Management Cases, Vol. 14. Is. 2, pp. 156-169.

Lublóy, Á., Benedek, G. & Vastag, G. (2014): Churn models at mobile providers: Importance of social embeddedness. Decision Sciences, Vol. 45, Is. 1.  pp. 175-201.

Lublóy, Á. (2014): Factors affecting the uptake of new medicines: a systematic literature review. BMC Health Services Research, 14:469.

Lublóy, Á.,  Benedek, G. & Keresztúri, J. L. (2014): Determinants of Pharmaceutical Innovation Diffusion: Social Contagion and Prescribing Characteristics. Corvinus Economics Working Paper 17/2014. Corvinus University of Budapest Faculty of Economics, Budapest.

Lublóy, Á., Keresztúri, J. L., & Benedek, G. (2015). Formal Professional Relationships Between General Practitioners and Specialists in Shared Care: Possible Associations with Patient Health and Pharmacy Costs. Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, 1-11. (doi:10.​1007/​s40258-015-0206-1)

Involvement in projects

2004: Consultancy work for the Information Technology Venture Capital Fund Management Co. Ltd. Evaluation of business plans and corporate values of 15 project-companies.

2005: Research project at T-Mobile: Calling pattern analysis and segmentation of mobile customers on the basis of calling patterns

2010-12: Research team member of the project entitled Managing innovations in networks – the role of ICT within the framework of TÁMOP-4.2.1/B-09/1/KMR-2010-0005 (Improving the quality of higher education through enhancing research, development, innovation and education).

2011-12: Research project at the Budapest Stock Exchange: Assessing the relationship between the Budapest Liquidity Measure and the price impact function, and analyzing the evolution of the price impact function over time.

Membership in professional organizations

Hungarian Economic Association
Committee on Finance, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Grants & Awards

2005-06: Junior fellow at Collegium Budapest, Institute for Advanced Study

2007: Teacher of the year award 2007, CEMS community at Corvinus University of Budapest

2007: Young scientist of the year award 2007, Faculty of Business Administration, Corvinus University of Budapest

2012: Two year post-doctoral fellowship from the AXA Research Fund

2012: Best Application Paper Award at the 3rd Annual Conference of the European Decision Sciences Institute, June 24-27, 2012, Istanbul, Turkey

2015: Outstanding Publication Award, Faculty of Business Administration, Corvinus University of Budapest


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