Undergraduates are encouraged to take this opportunity as it contributes heavily to personal development and ensures a wider professional perspective. Students are spread among many different countries due to SSE Riga policy not to send more than 2 students per partner University. The most desired countries are Spain, France and Italy.


Guidelines for International Student Mobility

During the last year of studies students can spend a semester abroad by choosing an exchange programme at a partner university (Erasmus + or bilateral agreements). Students gain additional international experience and have an opportunity to choose specialization other than offered at SSE Riga.

Eligible to apply

The mobility programme is available only for academically successful students who have demonstrated social activity and in addition have knowledge of host university study language if other than English.

Application process: December 7, 2020 — January 10, 2021

Online application form outgoing.sseriga.edu

Selection process: January 11, 2021— March 15, 2021

  • Academic performance evaluation
  • Social involvement evaluation

All eligible candidates will be ranked according to the adjusted ranking (weighted GPA + points for re-exams combined with social engagement results) and grants/placements will be awarded according to the position in this ranking.


Selection Criteria

Selection for the exchange programme is highly competitive. The following criteria are used for a third year students, in order of importance:

  • Academic performance
  • Student involvement in activities, clubs, and organizations
  • Knowledge of host country language
  • Applicant's ability to represent SSE Riga well