Research Papers

SSE Riga/BICEPS Research Papers series focuses on academic research.

We welcome working papers in all fields of economics. Submissions from authors affiliated with institutions located in the Baltic states, researchers visiting Baltic states and PhD students are especially encouraged. The papers are published electronically, are available for free downloading from SSE Riga and BICEPS websites and are indexed in RePEc.


Previous Research Papers:

Title Authors
No. 5: Capital Controls and Electoral Cycles N. Gavoille (SSE Riga), K. Hofer (Swiss Institute for Empirical Research, University of St.Gallen), 2018
No. 4: Wage rigidity and workers’ flows during recessions A. Pajuste (SSE Riga), H. Ruffo (UTDT), 2017
No. 3: Do Political Connections Matter? Firm-Level Evidence from Latvia

V. Dombrovsky (BICEPS, SSE Riga), 2008

No. 2: Campaign Contributions and Firm Performance: The “Latvian Way” V. Dombrovsky (BICEPS, SSE Riga), 2008
No. 1: Smoking in Russia: Estimating the Benefits of Reduced Prevalence A. Vanags, Z. Cunska (BICEPS), 2007

No. 2006/2: The Role of Personal and Family Background in Making Entreprenuers in a Post-Socialist Enviroment

V. Dombrovsky (BICEPS, SSE Riga), F. Welter (University of Siegen, RWI-Essen, SSE Riga), 2006

No. 2006/1: Access to Secondary Education in Albania: Incentives, Obstacles, and Policy Spillovers

M. Hazans (BICEPS, University of Latvia), I. Trapeznikova (Northwestern University), 2006

No. 2005/1: Family Background and Schooling Outcomes Before and During the Transition: Evidence from the Baltic Countries

M. Hazans (BICEPS, University of Latvia), O. Rastrigina (BICEPS), I. Trapeznikova (Northwestern University), 2005

No. 2003/2: Potential Emigration of Latvian Labour Force After Joining the EU and its Impact on Latvian Labour Market

M. Hazans (BICEPS, University of Latvia), 2003

No. 2003/1: Returns to Education in the Baltic Countries

M. Hazans (BICEPS, University of Latvia), 2003


Proposals for papers

Papers are subject to a quick review process. If you are interested in publishing your paper in SSE Riga/BICEPS Research Papers series, please e-mail your proposal to Anna Zasova at