Hansen Morten

Hansen Morten

Head of Economics Department. BSc courses: Microeconomics; Macroeconomics; Economic Statistics Department of Economics

Morten Hansen joined SSE Riga in 1997 and became Head of Economics Department in 2005.

Member of the Fiscal Discipline Council of Latvia since its inception in January 2014 and until December 2022 (end of second term).

Vice-Chairman of the Fiscal Discipline Council of Latvia January 2020 – December 2022.

Danish by citizenship but a resident of Latvia since 1993.

Actively engaged in the Latvian economic-political debate via seminars, presentations his blog at ir.lv and articles in lsm.lv and eng.lsm.lv



MSc in economics from Aarhus University, Denmark


Research interests

The economy of Latvia
Monetary economics
EU economics