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The ESI What's Next? Podcast is a weekly, interview-based show dedicated to highlighting the work of student entrepreneurs going through the various parts of the Socially Responsible and Environmentally Sustainable Student Innovation (ESI) programme. 

While not everyone may see themselves as an entrepreneur, most people will be aware of problems or areas of improvement in their lives, or the lives of those in their communities.

The goal of the ESI programme is to help such people take matters into their own hands, to get the tools they need to make a difference, and to own their agency in making the world a better place. 

The ESI What's Next? Podcast brings student entrepreneurs together with industry and scientific experts to discuss the new enterprises that they are developing. Whether an algorithm for efficiency optimisation in healthcare or a novel way to manufacture cat litter out of otherwise wasted resources, ideas for addressing social and environmental challenges are endless and endlessly interesting!

So, tune in to find out What's Next!

Episode 3.2

In the second part of our mini series Entrepreneurship Beyond Stigma, we are sitting down with Sara Zdanovska and Ksenija Sunepe, founders of Libet a Sextech startup helping people understand their own sexual needs and desires. The rise of Sextech is leading to a period of sexual self discovery for many. In this episode we learn about such things as how someone decides to build a sextech company, how to measure and visualize an orgasm, and how you can you use data to have a better sex life. Will this lead to technology being able to understand our sexual needs better than ourselves?


Episode 3.1

In the first part of our mini series Entrepreneurship Beyond Stigma, we are sitting down with Doctor Nikky Prause, Founder of Liberos and researcher at UCLA, to learn about her journey researching sex and sexual health and about some of the challenges that plague people today. As sex and sexuality becomes more and more out in the open, it allows us to have more transparent conversations on the topic. This one covers such areas as what research you can do in a university and what you can't, why sex is such a taboo subject, and how sex research can lead to new medical therapies. We need more conversations like these to really make progress in the world.


Episode 2.4

In the final part of our mini series Helping Doctors Help Patients, we are sitting down with Emil Syundyukov, CTO/Founder of Longenesis to reflect on the first 3 parts of this series and see these lessons can be felt throughout society. We touch on such topics as why a programmer would work in the healthcare space, how better data management and collection can lead to better health outcomes, and the change towards value based healthcare. Ultimately, every technological industry will have to interact with the public and market at large if it wants to make a lasting change.


Episode 2.3

In the third part of our mini series Helping Doctors Help Patients, we bring back Meri from Courage VC and Davis from Doctowell so we can have a dialogue between two different stakeholders within the digital health ecosystem. We touch base on such topics as how the healthcare system can operate more efficiently leading towards better health outcomes, how digital health products can get medical device designation, and who pushes innovation in healthcare. Hopefully, through conversations like these we can create greater knowledge in the field to propel the digital health industry to greater heights


Episode 2.2

In the second part of our mini series Helping Doctors Help Patients, we are sitting down with Davis Auskaps, one of the founders of Doctowell a digital health startup helping doctors automate their process and communicate with patients. Davis takes us on a journey about how and why he started Doctowell, what converging trends what this a great opportunity and what it is like working with hospital owners and administrators. It is a great peak behind the curtain on how hospitals operate.


Episode 2.1

In the first part of our mini series Helping Doctors Help Patients, we are sitting down with Meri Helleranta, a general partner at Courage VC, to learn about her journey to become a digital health investor and get an overview of the industry. We touch on subjects like the future of healthcare, how the IT revolution is causing a healthcare revolution, and how patients can take control of their own health. This is a great episode not just for people in the industry but also for how it affects everyone's day to day life.


Episode 1.1

In this episode of the ESI What's Next? our host Alex Felman sits down with Viesturs Sosars to discuss how to teach entrepreneurship in a practical way. It touches on such topics as what skills entrepreneurs need to learn, at what point in your career should you start your entrepreneurial journey, how to fail less painfully and how entrepreneurship is different in different parts of the world. It is the perfect entry point both for the ESI What's Next? series and your personal journey into entrepreneurship.



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