The Anne-Marie and Gustaf Ander Centre for Media Studies plays an important role in the fulfilment of the SSE Riga mission: To contribute to the economic, social and democratic development of the region.

Named after the late Gustaf Ander, a prominent Swedish publisher who built a media house around Nya Wermlands-Tidningen in Karlstad, and his wife Anne-Marie, the Foundation has since 2009 been the main benefactor of the Centre. In addition to the core funding the Foundation provides additional support for the annual Summer School in Investigative Reporting involving journalists from all over the world. It also provides funding for new projects and for the International Ander Forum.


Since its launch, the Centre has seen a remarkable expansion in activities. From the first year’s programme for Baltic journalists to today’s broad portfolio of programmes and activities.

Today the Centre’s activities are mainly built around three areas:

  • Training on investigative reporting with a focus on organized crime, corruption and money laundering. This area has been the core of the Centre's activities – there is a high and increasing need for investigative reporting in the world. The training sessions are organised in Riga with cross-border journalism forming the basis for each programme.
  • Networking and capacity building, strengthening the cross-border networks of journalists from independent media outlets predominantly in the Baltics, the Eastern Partnership countries, Russia and Central Asia. The network currently includes close to 60 independent media outlets. The cross border aspect is of great importance since organized crime, corruption and money laundering to a large extent are cross border activities – accordingly journalists have to work cross border as well.
  • Sustainability and Media Management providing training in business and management for independent media outlets with the aim of making them long-term financially viable. The flagship programme is the four-week mini-MBA that is delivered both in English and Russian.
This development and expansion of activities have been made possible by developing SSE Riga as hub for media activities in the region. With the core funding from the Ander donation, the Media Centre has been able to built alliances with donors that support journalism and media as well as their benefactors.
Even though the focus of the Centre’s activities is on journalism and independent media, the Centre also contributes to the SSE Riga BSc programme. Every year the Centre offers an elective course in Media Literacy.