BSc Programme

BSc Programme

The three-year programme in Economics and Business is a meeting point for talented young people who wish to study in an international but close-knit community. 

Quick Facts

  • Three-year full-time programme
  • 150 students admitted every year
  • English as the language of instruction
  • Top-level international lecturers
  • Modular system, not more than three courses at a time
  • Two internships, 4-8 weeks
  • Specialization options: Economics, Finance, Retail, Entrepreneurship
  • Accredited by the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science
  • Diploma of Bachelor of Social Sciences in Economics
  • The application deadline is May 9, 2023; the academic year begins in mid-August, 2023




Our student community includes students from 10 countries and international exchange students from more than 15 countries.

The international environment formed by lecturers and students from different countries, with English as the language of instruction, adds to students’ personal development.

Admitting just 150 top undergraduates in one class allows for personalised attention to students and it takes just a few weeks to get to know all of your study mates.

The skills taught in the Economics and Business programme will be useful in any job down-the-road because they are widely adaptable. The programme also offers the perfect balance of both practice and theory.

SSE Riga students rate their experience at SSE Riga with high 8,5 points on a scale of 1 to 10 (data from the Student Welfare Survey conducted by the Student Association in 2022).


What happens after the diploma?

At this moment SSE Riga graduates can be found in almost all sectors of the economy and in 60+ countries around the world. 

The most popular industries among SSE Riga’s recent graduates appears
to be banking and finance as well as audit and consulting.

Many graduates also start career in information technology, advertising and marketing companies, as well as wholesale, retail and manufacturing companies.

According to the Monitoring released by the Ministry of Education and Science, SSE Riga ranks first in the employment of graduates among private sector universities and SSE Riga graduates also earn more than those from other higher education institutions in Latvia.

How to apply?

There's no application fee and we run a fully online admissions process.

Submit your online application by May 9, 2023 and take the SSE Riga Admissions Test on May 20, 2023.

The Admissions Test will involve basic math, logical aptitude and English language topics. Top-performing candidates, according to the SSE Riga Admissions Test results, will be selected for online interviews. The interview will last for approximately 40 minutes and also involve a case study discussion.

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by May 9, 2023

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SSE Riga is the perfect place to fulfill your ambitions. It's full of opportunities, and you just have to be brave enough to seize them! You'll find a supportive community here that will help you achieve your professional goals. And of course, there are many events, guest lectures, and parties that will make your early adulthood unforgettable.

— Laura Leimane
Class of 2025

Did you know?

Of Latvia’s 100 biggest companies, 13 are run by our former students and five of them are on the board of Latvia’s TOP 10 businesses.

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