BSc Programme

BSc Programme

The three-year programme in Economics and Business is a meeting point for talented young people who wish to study in an international but close-knit community. 


3q Three-year full-time programme
Immerse yourself in a comprehensive three-year educational journey.
5 International
65% of the faculty are international, and the programme partners with the Stockholm School of Economics.
sel Selective admissions
We welcome 150 students annually, ensuring a personalized learning environment.
quick2 English language instruction
All courses are taught in English, providing a globally relevant educational experience.
pract Practical experience
Gain real-world insights through two summer internships lasting 4-8 weeks each.
spec Specialization choices
Tailor your education with specialization options in Economics, Finance, Retail, or Entrepreneurship.
quick11 Accredited
Our programme is accredited by the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science, ensuring the highest standards of quality.
ik6 Bachelor's degree
Graduate with a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Economics, a valuable credential for your future endeavors.



International Perspective

With 65% of our faculty from around the world, and our programme developed in partnership with our parent school in Stockholm – ranked as the best Business School in the Nordic Region by the prestigious Financial Times – you'll be immersed in a truly international learning experience from day one.

In addition, broaden your horizons with a semester abroad in Europe, Argentina, Hong Kong or Korea through our partnerships with 60+ institutions.

Plus, take advantage of paid internships across Europe thanks to our participation in the Erasmus+ Traineeship programme.


Broad Course Offerings

We take pride in our extensive selection of 50+ courses, allowing students to tailor their education to their interests and career goals.

In their final year of study, students can choose from specializations in Economics, Entrepreneurship, HR, and Retail.

In the past, our programme has traditionally revolved around finance, microeconomics, and macroeconomics. However, today, with a strong focus on AI and data analytics, we're witnessing a transformation in various industries. Our curriculum now deeply integrates critical thinking and essential data science and AI skills. Our faculty ensures students gain practical experience by incorporating AI and data analytics into real-world projects, preparing them for the data-driven landscape.

Furthermore, we give significant attention to addressing global challenges, along with emphasizing marketing, sustainability, and business ethics. Additionally, we offer various other courses, such as business law, human resource management, and negotiations, to provide a well-rounded education. 


Practical Oriented Approach

Our students embark on 2 summer internships, engaging in hands-on learning that puts their knowledge to the test.

At SSE Riga, we believe that practical experience is the cornerstone of a business education. 

Practical application is integrated into our curriculum, with activities such as managing digital advertising campaigns with real budgets, presenting business plans to top executives, or analyzing data sets and providing solutions for companies. Our students will be prepared for the challenges of the professional world!


Respected by Employers 

With a growing community of over 3000 accomplished alumni holding senior positions in various industries, SSE Riga's diploma has earned deep respect in the job market.

Our graduates find opportunities without borders, as our network extends globally. Moreover, an SSE Riga diploma serves as a fast track to prestigious master's programmes worldwide, including at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Career Pathways

SSE Riga graduates embark on diverse career pathways, with the most prominent sectors being banking, finance, audit, and consulting.

Furthermore, many graduates start their own businesses and get involved in entrepreneurship.

Additionally, our graduates find opportunities in the dynamic fields of information technology, advertising, marketing, and within the vibrant domains of wholesale, retail, and manufacturing. This broad spectrum of career opportunities showcases the versatility of an SSE Riga education. Explore insights in the Placement Survey, revealing an interesting snapshot of the careers of 2023 graduates just 5 months post-graduation


High Student Satisfaction

Our classes are intentionally small, with a maximum of 150 students, and numerous lectures and seminars are conducted in much smaller groups of around 30 students.

This fosters an environment of personalized attention and facilitates a level of interaction and teaching excellence that is often unattainable in larger institutions.

Additionally, our everyday communication is characterized by informality and friendliness, as everyone knows everyone. Notably, SSE Riga students rate their overall experience at SSE Riga very highly, with an average score of 8.5 out of 10, according to data from the 2022 Student Welfare Survey conducted by the Student Association.


Our admissions process is fully online and free of charge.

  • To apply, submit your online application by April 16, 2024.
  • Take the SSE Riga Admissions Test on April 27, 2024.

The test includes basic math, logical aptitude, and English language topics. Top-performing candidates will be selected for online interviews lasting about 40 minutes, involving a case study discussion.

Read more about entry requirements and application process.

Apply for BSc Studies

by April 16, 2024

SSE Riga is the perfect place to fulfill your ambitions. It's full of opportunities, and you just have to be brave enough to seize them! You'll find a supportive community here that will help you achieve your professional goals. And of course, there are many events, guest lectures, and parties that will make your early adulthood unforgettable.

— Laura Leimane
Class of 2025

Did you know?

Of Latvia’s 100 biggest companies, 13 are run by our former students and five of them are on the board of Latvia’s TOP 10 businesses.
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BSc Programme Student Recruitment Officer. Read More
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