Occasional Papers

SSE Riga/BICEPS Occasional Papers series focuses on policy oriented research.

We welcome working papers on all subjects, but we are particularly interested in topics that are relevant for the Baltic states. Submissions from authors affiliated with institutions located in the Baltic states, researchers visiting Baltic states and PhD students are especially encouraged. We also welcome policy oriented reports written within EU funded projects. The papers are published electronically, are available for free downloading from SSE Riga and BICEPS websites and are indexed in RePEc.


Previous Occasional Papers:

Title Authors
No. 11: Distributional effects of recent benefit and tax reforms in Latvia Anna Pluta (BICEPS), Anna Zasova (BICEPS), 2018
No. 10: Latvia Stumbling Towards Progressive Income Taxation: Episode II Anna Pluta (BICEPS), Anna Zasova (BICEPS), 2017
No. 9: Post Crisis “Success” Stories? Economic Outcomes And Social Progress In Iceland And Latvia Hilmar Þór Hilmarsson (University of Akureyri), 2013
No. 8: Tax Reform in Latvia: Could it be Fair Alf Vanags (BICEPS), 2010
No. 7: Too few locally produced goods on the shelves of Latvian shops: Reality or myth? Morten Hansen (SSE Riga), Alf Vanags (BICEPS), 2009
No. 6: The Case for a Latvian Version of the Obama Broadband Package Alf Vanags (BICEPS), 2009
No. 5: Renewable Energy: Is there a Latvian Master Plan? A. Vanags, M. Kālis (BICEPS), A. Paalzow (SSE Riga), I. Indriksone, E. Balode-Buraka (RGSL), 2008
No. 4: Stagflation in Latvia: How Long, How Far, How Deep Morten Hansen (SSE Riga), Alf Vanags (BICEPS), 2008
No. 3: Competition in the Latvian and Baltic Grocery Retail Markets Anders Paalzow (SSE Riga), Alf Vanags (BICEPS), 2007
No. 2: Inflation in Latvia: Causes, Prospects and Consequences Morten Hansen (SSE Riga), Alf Vanags (BICEPS), 2007
No. 1: Inflation in the Baltic States and Other EU New Member States: Similarities, Differences and Adoption of the Euro Morten Hansen (SSE Riga), Alf Vanags (BICEPS), 2006

Proposals for publications

Papers are subject to a quick review process. If you are interested in publishing your paper in SSE Riga/BICEPS Occasional Papers series, please e-mail your proposal to Anna Zasova at anna@biceps.org