Structural Format

The structural format of the programme and the programme set-up options are discussed with the client.

The programmes contain modules covering topics vital to the client. Each of the modules serve as reinforcement of the knowledge and skills gained in the previous module. 

There is flexibility as to the number of days, depending on the content to be covered; there can be a number of versions, e.g., based on the weekly format or daily format taking place once a month over a longer period of time, e.g., 1.5 years (depending on the number of modules). In case some other format is more attractive for the client, it will be developed.

Participant Profile

The programmes are developed for any participant profile you need.

We have significant experience in working with middle and senior management levels, we have also developed programmes for the junior management level.

Pedagogical Approach

The pedagogical framework is based on competency sharing and experienced reflection, allowing the integration of real organizational and business challenges in the programme.

A high level of interaction between the participants and the tutors as well as between the members of the group is one of the core elements ensuring that learning takes place, and that the programme ensures further personal and organizational impact.


The programmes are led by an international and diverse faculty.

In addition to SSE Riga faculty, programmes are led by faculty members from SSE Riga partner institutions, e.g. the Stockholm School of Economics and the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan, as well as by experienced business practitioners.


In 2018, custom programmes were designed for such clients as Solvay Business Services Latvia, Amber Beverage Group, If P&C Insurance AS, Depo, the State Chancellery of Latvia and many others.