Career Development

Career Development

We are well aware of the challenges that face our graduates in the job market, so the Bachelor programme includes several tools that help students to prepare for a successful entry into the professional world and improve their employability opportunities.

Career Development Programme

This programme is aimed at preparing students theoretically and practically for a future career and helps strengthen the links between students and potential employers. The Career Development programme lasts for the whole study period and provides a variety of supports, ranging from equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed for employment, giving insights into labour market needs and trends, organizing internships, showing further study perspectives, all accompanied by advisory, mentorship and counselling services on the way.


Business and Leadership Skills Course

The course runs throughout the programme and covers a number of skills needed in further professional life such as writing a resumé and cover letter, understanding interview tactics, initiating salary negotiations, choosing one’s own career path, building life plans and at the same time paying special attention to overall wellbeing and mental health in order to establish a balance between work and personal life.



A total of 10 weeks mandatory internship after the first and second years of study forms an integral part of the Bachelor programme. Since students have to find their internship places themselves, they are encouraged to test the skills covered in the Business and Leadership Skills course, such as approaching potential internship providers, writing professional applications, practising job interviews.

The internship also provides students with a better understanding of what will be expected from them when they enter the job market.

Approximately 65% of students agree on a paid internship. The Top 5 industries chosen for internship placements are Financial Services, Business Services, IT, Real Estate and Construction, and Retail.

On a scale from 1 to 10, 92% of internship providers evaluate SSE Riga students with grades of 8 and above, which proves that our students are well motivated and prepared for real life job market requirements.


Erasmus+ Traineeship


Erasmus+ Traineeship is open to students of all study years and recent graduates. The programme offers 2 to 12 month-long work placements or internships outside Latvia in one of the EU countries.

This is a wonderful way to gain international work experience, find out about working culture differences, and expand professional network outside the country. The application process takes place throughout May, while the internship period begins in July.


Career Events

Through events such as Days of Opportunities (Career Fair), Experience Sharing, and Career Advisory Sessions with alumni that take place at SSE Riga we help students find out about the latest trends in the labour market, create valuable contacts and gain insights into future career possibilities. We also regularly welcome our graduates back on campus to participate in guest lectures and network events, allowing our current students to draw on the experience of SSE Riga graduates who are now working. 


Academic Advisory

Each first-year student is assigned an academic advisor with whom they meet four times a year during the first academic year. Academic advisory enables the individual student to share their concerns about academic studies, thereby facilitating the transition to higher education. It also provides SSE Riga, through its advisers, with an opportunity to learn about study processes, the challenges facing students during their first year of studies and helps refine the quality of teaching and learning.


Mentorship Programme

Another type of assistance available to SSE Riga students is the Mentorship Programme with the aim of providing second-year and third-year students with further academic, professional and personal guidance. Participation in the programme is voluntary. The programme is run by the Alumni Association in cooperation with the School and the Student Association. Students are paired with SSE Riga graduates through matching student interests and needs with the profile of the graduate. Meeting frequency, format and content is highly individual. Mentoring typically takes place over a period of one year or one year and a half but may continue if both parties find it valuable. Mentoring may be face to face and/or over Skype or Zoom.


Counselling and Psychological Support

SSE Riga offers a free counselling service to all students to ensure their psychological and emotional well-being. Counselling, which is individual and fully confidential, is provided by a certified psychologist. Students are informed by the psychologist about the availability of counselling at an informative seminar at the beginning of the academic year. Students may also be encouraged to seek counselling at meetings with their academic advisors and meetings with the SSE Riga’s academic administration.


Career Advisory Support

If students face difficulties in finding internship placements, or feel that a piece of advice regarding an internship or a career is needed, then they can apply for individual Career Advisory sessions. Career advice aims to help students to clarify their strengths, values, and goals to make balanced decisions.


After Graduation

The Class of 2023 survey, conducted five months post-graduation, reveals key insights into SSE Riga graduates' early careers. Graduates primarily entered Banking & Finance (30%), Audit & Consulting (15%), IT (15%), and Wholesale & Retail (15%). A significant 72% work in organizations with over 50 employees, holding titles like Analyst (44%), Consultant (14%), and Specialist (12%). Recent graduates in the survey highlight the value of finance, economics, and data analytics courses. Essential skills obtained at SSE Riga also include adaptability, critical thinking, open-mindedness, and proactivity.

Career choices are mostly driven by opportunities for continuous learning, career development, salary, field experience, and meaningful work. Satisfaction levels show 60% are satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs.

Common salary ranges are 1201-1500 EUR (18%), 1701-1900 EUR (15%), and 2100+ EUR (33%) per month.

Our graduates start careers in well-known companies like SEB, Swedbank, Luminor Group, Deloitte, EY, Accenture, KPMG Latvia, Rimi Baltic Group, Mintos, Printful.

SSE Riga students are determined and open-minded, ready to bring new perspectives and positive change – equipped with the necessary skill set to add value to the business and are a valued part of the Deloitte Latvia team.

— Kristīne Jarve
Managing Partner of Deloitte Baltics

Our experience with SSE Riga graduates shows that they have acquired state of the art economics knowledge, which gives them a head start at Linedata. Their passion for constant learning makes them a perfect fit for our rapidly evolving business.

— Vadims Hesins
Vice President at Linedata

SSE Riga graduates go beyond the expected in the MADARA team, they are always hungry for more! We value their global perspective, confidence in the goals they want to achieve, and courage to tackle challenging projects head-on.

— Karina Zandberga-Palma
Recruitment Specialist at MADARA Cosmetics

SSE Riga students stand out with their ability to apply practical hands-on knowledge at Swedbank. They are quick learners and possess strong public presentation skills.

— Dace Rostoka
Head of Customer Base Analysis Unit at Swedbank

Erasmus+ Traineeship experience does not have to be limited to your work experience. I was able to travel across the country, visited many places, and was sure that I do not have to worry about my financial issues thanks to the Erasmus+ program. The scholarship that you can get there helps you not only to cover your basic needs but to make sure you get the most out of each moment spent abroad.

— Artur Susha
Student, Erasmus+ Traineeship in Poland
Marina Troškova
International Programme Manager. Read More