FICIL Sentiment Index

The aim of FICIL Sentiment Index is to summarize the key concerns and suggestions of the main foreign investors in Latvia – representatives of companies that have made the decision to invest in the country and have been operating here for a considerable time period. FICIL Sentiment Index is commissioned by the Foreign Investors' Council in Latvia (FICIL) and conducted by Dr. Arnis Sauka, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Business at SSE Riga. 

For the ninth consecutive year, FICIL together with Dr. Arnis Sauka from SSE Riga carried out the Sentiment Index research. This time the research focused on the overall investment climate and the investors’ sentiment about the administrative burden in Latvia.

In early 2024, executives from 66 companies participated in the interviews, representing the key foreign investors in Latvia.

Together, these companies (including subsidiaries) contribute to 24% of total tax revenue and employ 26% of the workforce of companies with an annual turnover above 145 000 EUR and 50% foreign capital (data from Lursoft, 2022).

FICIL Sentiment Index 2023: Administrative Burden Edition


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