Company Cooperation with Students

Company Cooperation with Students

SSE Riga enjoys a reputation for producing driven high achievers, and there are many ways they can work within your company. We can help you to cooperate or recruit an SSE Riga student! 

Recruit Our Students

You can advertise a vacancy or internship opportunity free of charge to Bachelor programme students.

Since our students need to do a summer internship as part of their studies, we will gladly share your internship vacancies with our first and second-year students.

In the first two study years, students are also looking for summer jobs, but in the final study year, they are ready to explore full-time positions.

We invite all employers seeking to recruit SSE Riga students for internships or part-time/full-time positions to create a profile on the SSE Riga Career Hub. The offers will be accessible only to SSE Riga students during the study period. 

There are two options for publishing offers on the SSE Riga Career Hub.

  1. If you have long-term plans in relation to publishing offers to SSE Riga students, you can create a profile on JobTeaser which is quick and easy, create a company profile by following this link. A company profile on the platform will allow you to present your company, provide general information, and post internship and job vacancies. You will have the ability to edit or remove vacancies at any time.
  2. Another option is just to create a vacancy by following this link.

After validation, the vacancies will be visible to SSE Riga students and they will apply in case of interest.

Engage Students in Your Company

Many SSE Riga Bachelor programme courses offer students the opportunity to gain experience working with real companies and business cases.

SSE Riga students are often engaged in real tasks provided by companies. For instance, students work with companies to conduct research and market analysis, develop marketing tactics and implement digital campaigns, offer business development plans and provide other input.

This is a two-way street – students can apply and test their range of knowledge for real business challenges, while companies benefit from the bright minds of SSE Riga students.

Share Your Expertise

Employers can be invited to share their practical experience and give insights into their work.

Integrating guest lectures in the study programme can make the content of the curriculum more relevant and vital. Employers are also welcome to offer students opportunities to visit their companies for coursework or theses. 

Support Students and Invest in the Future

Make a real difference in students’ lives by supporting them financially.

The Foundation of Stockholm School of Economics in Riga raises donations to carry out public benefit activities, support SSE Riga students with scholarships to cover study fees in order to provide talented Baltic students with the opportunity to receive competitive business education close to home for the benefit of the Baltic economies, thereby preparing a supply of qualified personnel and new entrepreneurs for the Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian economies.

How do companies benefit from giving scholarships to current students?

  • There is no better investment than in the future – in the future of not only your company but of the industry and community in general.
  • Scholarships can make an impact on the community by supporting talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds and enabling them to afford higher education, thus encouraging diversity and inclusion in your workforce or industry.
  • Scholarships provide not only a meaningful source of financial support but also encouragement for the academic, professional, and personal growth of talented and most deserving students.
  • By offering company scholarships, the company's brand awareness among students can be raised early in their careers, positioning your business as an attractive internship placement during the study period and employment option upon graduation.
  • It can help position your company as caring about the education, training, and development of future generations, thus directed towards social responsibility and sustainable development.

Donors (companies and individuals) can get tax reliefs and apply them during the entire reporting year. For more information, please contact the State Revenue Service.

Get in Touch

There are many advantages of cooperating with students and several different ways to do it.

This is always a win-win partnership – such experience provides students with practical skills and insights into real-world needs, giving companies new ideas and an external perspective.

In case of interest, please contact Bsc Programme Manager, Marina Troskova by writing to


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