Our Expertise & Senior Team

The Institute develops topics central to the agenda of both business leaders and researchers:

  • Platforms & Business Ecosystems:
    How does technological change enable a fundamentally new paradigm for competition? What decisions maximise value creation and capture for businesses in this new paradigm?
  • Digital Transformation:
    How will digital transformation disrupt industries and ways of working? How can companies and individuals make most out of the disruption and the transformation that lies ahead? How to build scenarios for businesses to succeed amidst transformational change?
  • Sustainability | ESG:
    What is the role of business in addressing broader societal challenges? How can this role be best aligned with the competitive advantage of the business?

The Institute for Strategy builds on a deep understanding of selected industries:

  • Retail & Consumer Goods:
    What are the most powerful levers for value creation in retail & consumer goods? How is the changing paradigm of competition affecting corporate strategy in this industry?
  • Private Equity:
    How do private equity investors create maximum value? How do they best select assets with maximum value creation potential?


Our Team