In his welcome speech, Rector Anders Paalzow mentioned that SSE Riga graduates can be found in almost every industry. That's so true! During Open Door Day alumni shared their journeys in order to inspire the future SSE Riga generation.

Egija Gailuma (Class of 2013) talked about startup struggles; her company Amrita is currently conquering the US market. Vladlens Kovaļevs (Class of 2016) explained what lobbying is, as he is the Managing Partner of VA Government, a full-service government relations and public affairs firm. Both graduates stressed that careers are not straight lines.

Our core faculty member Inga Gleizdāne shared tips and experiences on what skills will be in demand in the future, while Head of the Economics Department Morten Hansen convincingly explained why it’s worth it to study economics at SSE Riga. Majority of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven't even been invented yet, therefore SSE Riga education will give you a solid base for life and future job market. Our multidisciplinary approach will give you a broad and holistic view on issues, various teaching methods are used to analyze real-world problems. During the three-year programme students develop an integrated view on economics and business.

“People here at SSE Riga are very welcoming, warm and encouraging. The lecturers were awesome! I already love this place and can’t wait to become an SSE Rigan,” said Paula from Valmieras Valsts ģimnāzija. Yes, you've got the best years of your life ahead of you!

We also encourage potential students to attend the Math Foundation Course at SSE Riga, which will start in February. The course consists of three sessions scheduled on Saturdays and will be delivered by Assistant Professor Nicolas Gavoille.

The application deadline for the BSc programme is April 8, 2019.