This initiative targets young political leaders and those of state and local government institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations, who aspire to contribute to Latvia's development and address complex societal issues through their work.

State Leaders Development Programme is a collaborative pro bono effort between SSE Riga and organization development and leadership expert Žanete Drone ( The programme creators emphasize that responsible and serving leadership is necessary to achieve the goal of coping with today's challenges - social, economic, technological, environmental, political. Also, in response to Russia's aggression in Ukraine, there is a need not only to enhance the country's military defence but also to cultivate leadership that unifies Latvian society around European and democratic values, reinforcing confidence in Latvia's success.

The programme will admit a total of 12 participants, and applications are invited from active mid-career individuals aged 30 and above with prior experience in public administration, political organizations, or non-governmental organizations. The programme envisions intensive work in lectures, workshops and coaching sessions – in-person, individually, in pairs, and in groups.

The programme will last for 9 months, starting from April 2024 and concluding in December. Participants are only required to cover administrative expenses, as the work of lecturers will be without remuneration.

Kata Fredheim, Vice-President of SSE Riga, expresses, "In our view, Latvia yearns for leaders who could awaken the dormant potential within its people, inspiring them to think big. True leaders encompass the entirety of Latvian society within their circle of care."

Speaking on the programme's motivation, Žanete Drone adds, "Our commitment is to support the emergence of leaders who uphold their promises, admit mistakes, and act as good custodians. Leaders who listen, engage in real conversations, exude humility, and are compassionate for the most disadvantaged in our society. Leaders who collaborate and co-create for the benefit of all. Leaders who elevate our aspirations to higher ideals, fostering personal and collective growth. People who take pride in Latvia, comprehend the complexities of contemporary challenges, make tough decisions, and are dedicated to working tirelessly for a free, developed, and prosperous Latvia."

Applications are accepted until February 16 2024.

For more details about the programme and the application process, visit: