Rector’s Message: Congratulations on the beginning of the new academic year!

Welcome back! I hope you are recharged and ready to start a new study year and I eagerly look forward to greeting you once again at our Strēlnieku 4a premises.

If you have already visited, you may have noticed strict rules about entering the school building and other not-so-comfortable restrictions. However, we are fortunate to start this study year with on-site studies, so we will strive to keep our community safe and healthy. 

We gave careful consideration when planning the study process and will do our utmost to include in the study process those students who cannot attend lectures in person. 

Nine countries will be represented in the freshmen class and our full-time students will be joined by exchange students from 7 countries. Although exchange programmes are impacted by Covid-19 restrictions, still many SSE Riga students have gone abroad for an exchange semester, even to very faraway places.

Our Year 2 and Year 3 students are also returning to auditoriums after a longish period of Zoom lectures so being able to have discussions face-to-face excites not only students but all our lecturers as well.

SSE Riga staff and faculty are passionately committed to adjusting the study experience for students in these unstable times when changes occur almost every other week as our goal is to ensure ongoing high-quality educational experience and the strong community spirit that is in the DNA of SSE Riga.

Happy academic year!

Anders Paalzow
SSE Riga Rector







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