SSE Riga Premises

The SSE Riga building on Strēlnieku 4a is open to SSE Riga students from 8:00 – 22:00 during working days. Also, students are allowed to use classrooms for individual studies. The main building is closed on weekends. The cafeteria on the ground floor is closed. The building is closed to the general public and short-term visitors are required to register their visit at the SSE Riga reception desk.

The Library

The SSE Riga Library is open to SSE Riga and Riga Graduate School of Law students, faculty, and staff only from 9:00 – 17:00 on working days, closed on weekends. Library patrons who need to return material may drop it off at the SSE Riga reception desk. The Library is closed to the general public.

Bachelor Studies 

SSE Riga has started the academic year by offering a blend of on-campus and online learning to ensure students have a consistent and high-quality experience and so that international students can participate in the study process without coming to Riga. All on-site Bachelor programme activities (mainly group seminars) are limited to 30 persons.

Executive MBA Studies

The majority of Executive MBA study modules will be delivered on-campus, however, international students will be granted an opportunity to join the module remotely (online). Should it become absolutely necessary, studies may switch to online classes delivered in real-time ensuring interaction with faculty and classmates. The goal is to guarantee that students can continue to progress toward their degree without disruption in the study plan. 

Precautionary Measures

Hand sanitizers are available in every auditorium and face coverings (masks, shields) are available for SSE Riga staff and faculty upon request at the reception desk. Maintenance of air conditioning has been completed during the summer to ensure even flow of air in all premises. Only one person is allowed to use the lift at a time in order to maintain the 2-metre distance. It is forbidden to be in the premises of SSE Riga for persons who, in accordance with the legislation and the specified epidemiological control measures, have been prescribed self-isolation or home quarantine. It is forbidden to come and stay in the SSE Riga premises for persons with signs of respiratory infection (cough, shortness of breath, fever). 

Action in Case of Suspicions of Coronavirus Infection

If SSE Riga employee, student, service provider or tenant or any other SSE Riga related person, who has visited SSE Riga during the last 14 days has been assigned the status of Covid-19 contact person, they should inform the SSE Riga Responsible persons (see below), who turn to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control for further instructions.

Action in Case of Coronavirus Infection

If SSE Riga student or employee is diagnosed with a Covid-19 infection and the case is epidemiologically related to SSE Riga, epidemiologists from the Center for Disease Prevention and Control will deter individual recommendations to SSE Riga, as well as decide on the need to impose quarantine for a particular course or for the whole university. 

When travelling to Latvia

If an employee, student, partner, tenant of SSE Riga, or any other related person goes abroad, then upon returning to Latvia it shall be required for them to check the website of the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, for the latest published information on the list of countries and territories from which self-isolation must be observed upon returning to Latvia. If a country or territory is on the red or yellow list, it is not permitted to enter the premises of SSE Riga for 10 days.

The SSE Riga employees, lecturers and other persons employed by SSE Riga will have to take the Covid-19 test on the 8th day after leaving the respective country or territory. If the test is negative, people will be able to return to work on the 11th day after leaving the country or territory. If the person does not want to perform the test, then the duration of self-isolation will remain the previous one - 14 days.

Information about Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 testing in Latvia. It is forbidden to arrive for testing without a prior appointment!

General Contacts

Visit a dedicated COVID-19 government website with a variety of relevant information and contacts available in Latvian, English and Russian.

For more information on health care and precautions, visit the website of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

Detailed travel alerts for individual countries are available on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website

Persons in need of consular assistance can call the Consular Department on the emergency number: +371 26 33 77 11 or email  

Hotline for Covid-19 related inquiries (24 hours, 7 days a week) - 8345​.

SSE Riga Internal Regulations

In order to ensure compliance with measures of social distancing and other recommendations by government and health institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic, the SSE Riga has developed internal guidelines (please download below). We'll continue to update this information as changes occur.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact SSE Riga staff members:

  • Jānis Meija – the responsible person for Covid-19 related safety compliance monitoring at SSE Riga and SSE Riga Dormitories
  • Eva Ernštreite – the responsible person for Covid-19 related safety compliance monitoring at SSE Riga
  • Marina Troškova – contact person for international students regarding Covid-19 related travel issues