Strategic and Digital Marketing

May 20, 21, 2024 | 9:00 – 17:00
SSE Riga, Strēlnieku 4a
EUR 990 + VAT

During this course participants will develop their skills in the contemporary issues in strategic and digital marketing, and identify relevant marketing measurement methods to help their organization succeed. By learning about strategic and digital marketing trends, strategies, metrics, mistakes, and solutions, participants will gain the knowledge and insights necessary to ensure their organization stays ahead of the curve.

This course is part of the longer Sales & Marketing Programme, however, it is also available for purchase and completion as a separate course.



Digital marketing is the discipline of using the internet and other digital technologies to reach customers and to meet their needs profitably. It is a core function of any business and while its core principles are the same as those of marketing in general, it requires specific and always evolving knowledge and skills to be performed successfully.



Marius Raugalas is a Global Marketing Science Partner at Meta based in London, where he consults a few of its largest global clients/advertisers on their advertising measurement strategy for Meta platforms. Before that, he was a Director for Digital Marketing Analytics for Europe at Nielsen, where he also mostly helped clients/advertisers to measure and improve their digital marketing performance. Before going into marketing measurement consulting, Marius spent nearly 10 years doing various marketing strategy, planning and measurement roles on the client side, including in telecommunications (BT Group) and retail banking industries (Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Lloyds Banking Group and Bank of Ireland UK).

Marius holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, an MBA from IE Business School and a CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing. Outside of his day-to-day job, Marius is a Visiting Lecturer for Marketing at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and for Digital Marketing at ISM University in Vilnius.

Who should attend

Sales and Marketing professionals
Mid-level and C-level managers
Business owners


The purpose of this course is to prepare participants for dealing with current marketing challenges in their organizations, by providing them with:

  • The key frameworks for analyzing, planning and optimizing your digital marketing activities. This includes situation/market data analysis, formulation of goals, strategy and value proposition, budget, channel and schedule decisions, creative implementation, and finally measurement and optimization processes.
  • A framework for analyzing the online customer journey and what role different earned, owned and paid online channels play in supporting your objectives. It covers optimization of your own website, social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, organic and paid search ads through Google, Programmatic and Direct Display and Video ads, Emails, Affiliates and many other channels.

Benefits to the participants

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the key terms, definitions, concepts and frameworks in the fields of strategic and digital marketing;
  • Understand the key methods and metrics used to evaluate marketing effectiveness;
  • Build an actionable marketing strategy and plan that aligns with organizational goals and is based on consumer and market insights.

Benefits to the organization

This course equips company staff with the latest knowledge and skills in strategic and digital marketing, enabling them to become key contributors to their organization's success.

Participation fee

EUR 990 + VAT

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