A message from SSE Riga staff member Janis Meija, who is coordinating help:

"Thank you to everyone who has donated food – now we have full stocks to feed everyone as we have more people arriving from Ukraine to SSE Riga dormitories this week. The response has been amazing! Kind people have donated vegetables (a ton of potatoes), dry goods, canned goods, and much more. Many people came with products that they made themselves (homemade jams, juices, pickles, etc.). Larysa, mom of our Ukrainian student Daria, has taken on the role of house mother, and chief of the kitchen in the dormitories. Daria, her mom and her little sister arrived last week from Ukraine. Thank you to Latvian farmers and so many people from the countryside for showing care!”

There are also other initiatives on agenda in order to provide support to Ukrainian students.

The Alumni Association has launched a fundraising campaign; the Student Association is also involved in several support activities.

The management of SSE Riga is currently in dialog with the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science to draft the scholarship programme for Ukrainian students.