As in previous months, SSE Riga will continue to offer a possibility to follow the whole study process remotely, if a person does not have a valid Covid-19 certificate or has other health concerns.

Everyone will have to wear a face mask at the premises and it is prohibited to visit SSE Riga with any signs of respiratory infection.

The SSE Riga Library will be physically open only for SSE Riga students and staff. If a library patron doesn't have a valid certificate, a request to check out books remotely should be sent to email

The Shool's café will be open only for SSE Riga and RGSL students, staff, faculty and tenants.

The presence of third parties at the SSE Riga premises will be allowed only in exceptional cases and any on-site extra-curricular activities or events will be limited.

Please download below the internal SSE Riga Covid-19 Safety Protocol which has been updated in line with the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education and Sciences. 

Visit a dedicated COVID-19 government website with a variety of relevant information and contacts available in Latvian, English and Russian.

We are happy to welcome students back, although we are all aware that Covid-19 continues to be a serious issue in our country. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we plan for the safe reopening.