Zane Varpina is Faculty Advisor on the Executive MBA programme and teaches the Research Methods course to both our Master and Bachelor programme students. Zane has been working at SSE Riga since 2013 and has broad research experience at the Baltic International Centre for Economic Policy Studies (BICEPS).

Zane conducts research in higher education and demography and will continue to explore these topics in the future. Outlining her plans, she says: “The size of the population and its characteristics (age structure, skills and education, health) are fundamental determinants of the development of economics and society. In the coming years, I am planning to continue research in my two fields of special interest - population and education (esp. higher education, and adult education). I encourage and welcome student participation in research projects in this area.”

In the upcoming season Zane will also offer a renewed elective course on Demography and Population and will continue her work related to improving students' research skills via study courses and supporting them through their thesis writing.

Zane holds a PhD in Demography and an MA in Science in Mathematical Economics ‒ both from the University of Latvia. She also has an Inter University Diploma in EU Studies from Université Nancy II, Aix-en-Provence Institute of Political Science.