Nikita has shown himself as an enthusiastic, passionate and entrepreneurial-minded student. His idea (Magnalysis) aims to reduce queues and the costs of the MRI scan for patients with the help of cloud-based software for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) analysis.

After graduating from SSE Riga, Nikita plans to complete his medical studies. The annual Anders Wall Scholarship Award Ceremony took place online on March 10, 2021.

Watch Nikita’s thank you speech: 


Every year since 1981 the Anders Wall Foundation has provided scholarships to young talents in the fields of entrepreneurship, science and research, rural development, international studies and music in Sweden and Finland. And since 1996 the Foundation has supported talented students from SSE Riga. What is at least as important as the scholarship amount in monetary terms is membership in the prestigious Wallumni network, which consists of all the former scholarship holders. Members meet regularly and take international study trips together.

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