Wellbeing and Purpose

October 3, 5, 10, 12 | 15:00-18:30
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Sustainable, effective management starts with improving personal well-being. Learn to build personal mastery, have resilience, generate energy, and develop Emotional Intelligence skills that will positively influence your personal and professional growth and those around you. This programme will help you find tools to develop physical, mental, emotional and spiritual or purposeful health, including discovering your individual purpose, to win every day regardless of external circumstances!

This programme is part of the longer Effective Manager Programme, however, it is also available for purchase and completion as a separate programme.




Anastasija Danu-Žubule is an experienced HR professional possessing more than 9 years of corporate business experience in managerial and cross-country leadership roles in the Baltics and recently in East Europe at Unilever. She is currently studying certified coaching & supervision studies and partnering East European middle level managers and teams in their development journeys. Anastasija’s purpose is “To plant spring in people’s lives”, she sees herself as a catalyst for awakening environment that liberates unique geniuses within.



Alexander Ilkun, ACMA CGMA, is a Finance professional with 15 years of international experience in Treasury & Accounting, mostly with General Electric and Moody's. He is a Chartered Management Accountant, Vice-Chair of the CIMA Regional Committee for Eurasia & Baltics, and a member of the Regional Committee for Mainland Europe. He is interested in Emotional Intelligence, understanding his emotions and those of others, to achieve shared goals.

Benefits for participants

Enhancing your wellbeing can lead to increased energy level, motivation and productivity. It will improve your resilience skills, relationships with others and can help you to become a well-rounded, fullfilled and happy individual both at work and at home.

Benefits for the organization

Enhancing employees wellbeing can lead to increased engagement, higher performance and productivity, developed resilience skills, hence lower voluntary attrition and sick leave rates. 


The extensive 14 hour online course is designed to provide participants with practical, research and science based knowledge on 4 components forming individual wellbeing: 1)Physical 2) Emotional 3) Mental 4) Spritual or Purposeful wellbeing, and hands-on tools that can be applied  by participants in both profesisonal and personal areas. 

Topics covered:

  • Session 1: Introduction to Wellbeing and Mental Wellbeing

The impact of wellbeing on engagement, productivity and perfromance has by now been proven by reseachers. We will introduce you to the concept of wellbeing and 4 core elements forming it. Further, we will take a deep dive into Mental Wellbeing, which is about the ability to utilize brain or mental capacity to organize our lives and focus our attention on things that matter. We will explore recent neuroscience discoveries and convert them into practical implications and solutions to be applied in everyday lives.

  • Session 2: Purposeful Wellbeing

Every individual is as unique as his fingertips are. Understanding your own uniquiness and your distinctive contribution to this world can make a big difference for you and others. We call it the journey towards discovering and living a life of purpose.  Life purpose is underpinned by your drivers, talents, interests and experiences, hence it differs a lot from person to person. Moreover, the research has proven that purpose-driven individuals are happier, healthier and even wealthier. We will provide you with tools to discover your individual purpose, as well as recommendations and guidelines how to leverage the power  of purpose not only on individual level, but also in your teams and organizations. 

  • Session 3: Emotional Intelligence - Understanding yourself and Physical Wellbeing.

Emotional intelligence skills are key to success of individual managers and team leaders. Understanding these skills starts with yourself, building your emotional vocabulary, recognising and accepting emotions as part of life, noticing how those may impact your actions and judgment.
In preparation for this session, it is also recommended you take a 360-degree Emotional and Social Competency Inventory Test(available at request and charged separately), designed to determine your level of proficiency with the Emotional Intelligence skills. The test will allow you to put the learnings in a different perspective and apply these to improve yourself over time.

In addition, we will discuss Physical Wellbeing, which is well-known, but often disregarded   source of fuel in life. We will discuss recent reseach findings and recommendations on taking a proper care of your physical energy without implementing drastical changes in daily schedules.

  • Session 4: Emotional Intelligence - Finding leader's purpose. Working with others and building a successful team.

Our Emotional Intelligence journey will continue with exploring the purpose of each team manager - to lead their team to success and develop individual team members. To accomplish this leaders need to understand the needs of others, empower and motivate them to bring their best selves to work, give constructive feedback that will foster their development. We will explore these and other aspects of using Emotional Intelligence skills to work with others in this session.

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EUR 690 + VAT

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