Unlocking Sales Success: Winning Sales Strategies

April 2, 2024 | 13:30 – 17:00
SSE Riga, Strēlnieku 4a
EUR 250 + PVN

Dive into effective sales team leadership strategies, motivating and guiding your sales force towards achieving remarkable results. Gain the necessary skills and knowledge to drive sales excellence. 



Effective sales strategy has several components, such as Product, Target market, People, Sales process, Technologies, Compensation systems. During this session, those will be broken down into smaller building blocks, which are all fundamental to succesfully manage a B2B sales team locally or globally. The session will be 100% practical, based on the best practices of high performing sales teams, which can be implemented in your organisations relatively fast and easy.



Lauris Lietavietis has been running sales in technology companies since 2006. Over the past 10 years he has been building and running global B2B sales teams and taking leadership positions at high growth technology companies, such as Infogram.com, Prezi.com, Printify.com and recently at Oxylabs.io. Lauris' areas of expertise cover full cycle of B2B sales management, such as sales strategy, sales process, hiring, performance management, sales technolgies, sales analytics and post sales customer management. Lauris is also one of the founding members and the member of Investment Committee at Bad Ideas Fund, an angel investor syndicate investing in early stage startups in CEE region.

Who should attend

Sales and Marketing leaders and professionals
Sales champions & strategists
Business owners
Customer Experience advocates


1. Sales process.

2. Roles in the team, team hiring.

3.Compensation management, performance management.

4.Sales technologies, sales analytics and data.

5. Sales and marketing collaboration, sales and product collaboration.

Benefits to the participants

Participants in this sales strategies course will gain a comprehensive understanding of effective sales management, equipping them with the skills to enhance their leadership abilities and drive team success. Additionally, they will acquire proficiency in leveraging cutting-edge sales tools and processes, empowering them to navigate the dynamic sales landscape with strategic finesse and achieve sustainable business growth.

Benefits to the organization

Employers will witness an upgrade in their sales team's performance as a result of participating in the course, with enhanced sales strategies and effective management techniques contributing to increased revenue and client satisfaction. The integration of advanced sales tools and processes will streamline operations and also position the sales force as agile and adaptable contributors to the company's overall success.

Participation fee

EUR 250 + PVN

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