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I chose SSE Riga because of its supportive community, brilliant lecturers, and diverse curriculum, which gives me an opportunity to challenge and fulfill myself.

— Lotte Vahelaan


I chose SSE Riga because graduating from this university opens up immense career opportunities in almost every field.

— Natas Savickas


I chose SSE Riga because of its close-knit and supportive student community. Although sometimes the workload is too large with too little time... I always find motivation and support from my SSE Riga friends. They encourage me to do even better, and at the end of the day I am thankful for every difficulty presented since it gives me a chance to prove to myself how much more I’m capable of!

— Paula Sakne


I chose SSE Riga for an international study experience not too far away from my home – I can meet students from different countries and still often visit my family and friends in Lithuania!

— Greta Januskeviciute


I chose SSE Riga because it combines the most important parts of further success: high-quality education, amazing community and experience as an opportunity to test and challenge yourself!

— Georgi Aksjonov

Katrii Lisa

I chose SSE Riga since it is the best business school in Northern Europe and offers a broad variety of courses, thus students may choose many career options after graduation - finance, entrepreneurship, sales, HR, marketing or even IT-related jobs.

— Katri Liis Kaasik


I chose SSE Riga because I was eager to explore the diversity of the courses. As a young person who is only about to discover oneself, the university gave promising insights into many career prospects, and this was the opportunity I could not miss out on.

— Daša Varmaškina