Student Research

Student Research

How do Swedish companies react when tax-avoidance strategies are exposed by the media?

SSE Riga Student Research Papers 2021: 9 (241)

Austėja Denisovaitė and Matas Petronis
Measuring Thematic Investor Appetite and Its Effects on Asset Pricing

SSE Riga Student Research Papers 2021: 8 (240)

Raiva Dombrovska and Marija Dvorņikova
Unconventional monetary policy: universal cure or modern deception

SSE Riga Student Research Papers 2021: 7 (239)

Anton Sentukhouski and Marija Mizinova
Academic Integrity in Latvia’s Higher Education Institutions

SSE Riga Student Research Papers 2021: 6 (238)

Rūta Ozoliņa and Laine Helēna Bēriņa
A Subtle Invitation to Bargain: Online Vacancy Data-based Inquiry into the Wage Setting Policies of Latvian Employers

SSE Riga Student Research Papers 2021: 5 (237)

Ēriks Kasparenoks and Dana Supe
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Research experience

To incorporate all the knowledge acquired during studies and to fulfill final degree requirements, students should undertake a major research task. In this section you can download some of the best SSE Riga student research papers.

Recognized by experts

For several years in a row SSE Riga students have been absolute winners in the annual Bank of Latvia Student Research Competition.
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