Strategic Learning Excellence for Business

April 4  | 9:00 - 17:00
SSE Riga
EUR 190 + VAT

The workshop will provide the participants with valuable skills that will allow them to improve their learning skills and accelerate their personal and professional development. It is expected that those skills will allow the participants to achieve significant improvement and gains during the course and become more efficient in knowledge acquisition and comprehension, self development, cognitive flexibility (multitasking) and time management. Those skills will be beneficial for any learning activity either formal or informal.



Aivars Timofejevs has more than 23 years of experience working as research associate 7 years as academic advisor and 2 years as member of the board at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga as well as 9 years of experience working as Chairman of the Board and senior researcher in Oxford Research Baltics, and 6 years of experience as member of the board at ENSR- European network for social and economic research.
Aivars Timofejevs has a very extensive experience in management at all levels from the basic to the executive. In combination with extensive academic experience this provides him with valuable ability to combine and utilize the practical experience with academic knowledge and skills aiming at constant personal improvement and development of work and study efficiency.


-Enhancing Personal Efficiency: Learn practical methodologies to optimize your productivity, manage priorities, and streamline your workflow effectively.

-Cultivating Cognitive Flexibility: Develop the adaptability to navigate complexities and make well-informed decisions in dynamic business environments.

-The Art of Self-Reflection: Uncover the power of introspection in driving personal growth, honing your leadership style, and aligning it with your organization's goals.

-Elevating Managerial Skills

-Mastering Time: Acquire effective time management strategies to optimize your schedule, delegate tasks efficiently, and maximize productivity.

-Nurturing Knowledge: Explore the intricacies of knowledge management and mediation, empowering you to facilitate seamless information flow within your team and organization.

Benefits to the participants

New knowledge and skills that will accelerate the personal development that will be applicable and beneficial for any work position in the future.

Benefits to the organization

Improvement of the employees learning capabilities will be beneficial for the organization and will improve the productivity (personal as well as teamwork's), increase knowledge sharing and spillovers that in turn will accelerate improvements for other employees and lead to faster development of the organization.

Participation Fee

EUR 190 + VAT

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