39 teams from both bachelor's and master's programmes were invited to represent their universities and apply their knowledge of financial modelling, macroeconomics, and securities and commodities trading to compete for the main award. In a tough competition, the SSE Riga team won the bronze medal and posed for a winner’s photo!

This competition closely resembles the main student trading competition worldwide, the Rotman International Trading Competition (RETC) in Toronto.

The RETC is an intensive quantitative finance challenge targeted at European business and finance students. The competition was held in Rome, Italy, and gathered 39 teams from leading European universities. During the competition, participants executed trades on the Rotman Interactive Trader (RIT), a proprietary stock market simulator, and solved real-time cases prepared by the Rotman Finance Lab.

“Without a doubt, for our team this was a remarkable experience that wrapped up our 3-year journey at SSE Riga nicely! The competition is organized in such a way that it brings a lot of fun to the preparation process, whether or not you believe in market efficiency. Having had little familiarity with trading prior to the RETC, we were striving to make the most of the summer preparation hours and were very grateful for the mentoring support from Natalja Točelovska (SSE Riga Class of 2003), Tarass Buka (SSE Riga Class of 2002) and Elvijs Avenītis. And of course, the fact that the competition brings together more than 150 students, volunteers, organizers, mentors and sponsors in this city of European heritage makes it a nice venue for socializing and creating good memories," states Darya Labok, SSE Riga graduate.