"Today, the world is going through a dramatic challenge. It is likely to change our economies and societies into the 'before'; and the 'after'; that are different beyond the expectations of many. Yet this is also a time of great opportunity and a time when the world relies especially heavily on leaders shaping what the 'next normal'; is going to be. We have redesigned the SSE Riga Executive MBA programme to help leaders equip themselves for these challenges," tells SSE Riga Rector Anders Paalzow.

In the upcoming season SSE Riga will offer newly relaunched Executive MBA programme – with a new leadership development curriculum, more opportunities to learn and connect with peers from the SSE Executive MBA programmes in Sweden and Russia through the Cross-Cultural Management Module and through elective modules in our partner Executive MBA programmes abroad. Thanks to a redesign of the programme, every student will be also provided with a professional development coach.

“Our programme is not just about knowledge, it is about the type of knowledge you cannot google,” stresses Chair of Executive Programmes Yuri Romanenkov. Distinguished international faculty will help you not only steer your organisation through a difficult time ahead, but redefine who you are as a leader. SSE Riga lecturers will help you develop a entrepreneurial mindset through many new class modules (for example, the Entrepreneurial Leader Module) and field projects and you will work to define your own notion of responsibility in the new Business with Purpose Module.

With all of the new developments in the programme, it will also retain the things that have made it great over the past 20 years. There will be no changes in the modular approach of the programme. The two-year accredited programme will be structured in a way that enables working professionals to combine their daily work with studies, meeting once a month for an intensive four-day module. It will continue to have the international immersion module in Asia, giving participants a very hands-on experience of rapidly developing economies.

Whilst we aim to run all modules in person, in our unprecedented times, where absolutely necessary, we may switch to online classes delivered in real-time ensuring interaction with faculty and classmates.


Admission to the SSE Riga Executive MBA requires a combination of application materials submitted and an interview with the Admissions Committee. Such selection steps create a class of professionals with equitable levels of experience.

We will be glad to set up an appointment and answer any questions you might have about the programme or admissions steps (please email to emba@sseriga.edu)

Application deadline for the Executive MBA programme is June 1, 2020.