Persuasion and Influence

November 5 and 7| 16:00 - 19:00
Online via Zoom platform
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How to be a manager who is effective at influencing and persuading others? It's a skill that every manager should work on developing and sharpening. The reason being simple - team's success depends on whether a manager can sell his/her ideas to the team and whether the team members have clearly understood what is expected of them.

This programme is part of the longer Effective Manager Programme, however, it is also available for purchase and completion as a separate programme.



In today's workplace high-performance managers are in demand. Some companies hire them, others - grow them from within. It's a must have course in each manager's portfolio - full of great strategies and tools on how to influence and persuade people around us.



Guntars Logins is a professional with 12+ years of experience in sales and sales leadership in the USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britian and the Baltics. He teaches Sales course at SSE Riga Bachelor's programme and works with leading companies in different industries to elevate their sales and business performance.

Who should attend

Sales and marketing professionals, managers, executives, entrepreneurs, and others who strive to be able to effectively garner support from their peers, customers, and stakeholders.

Benefits for the organization

Every organisation benefits from having managers who are effective at leading teams. High-performance results require high-performance skills - this is exactly what this course brings to the table for the organisation.

Benefits for the participants

Every manager has to be effective at leading people and selling the common vision to its team members. Ability to effectivelly "sell" ideas and make people act towards the common goal - this is a learned skill that every manager should acquire.


This programme focuses on principles and techniques of persuasive communication and influence. It covers the psychological processes behind persuasion, helping managers to understand how to use the tools of persuasion in their professional and personal lives. Upon completion of the module, participants will have the knowledge and confidence to use persuasive communication and influence to reach their goals and better manage their teams.

Topics covered:

  • How do people make decisions?
  • What are the steps of "influence cycle"?
  • 3 levels of convincing people
  • How to persuade and present ideas and information to people?
  • How to work with resistance and objections?
  • How to convince and "close" people?
  • How to solidify people's decisions?

Participation fee

EUR 390 + VAT

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