Personal Productivity

October 1 and 3 | 16:00-19:00
Online via Zoom platform
EUR 290 + VAT

As the workplace evolves with increasing speed, complexity, and ambiguity, it's crucial to teach employees self-management skills to boost productivity. This programme will identify areas for improvement in personal productivity and provide tools to create effective habits and strategies. You will learn prioritization, energy management, distraction reduction, and organizational systems to maximize performance and achieve your goals.

This programme is part of the longer Effective Manager Programme, however, it is also available for purchase and completion as a separate programme.



With increased speed, complexity and ambiguity we need to enable our employees for better self-management. It is always expected but little if ever taught to us. Or we are not taking a pause to deliberately analyse and adjust our ways of working. We will guide managers through few key areas where personal productivity is being lost and encourage them to try few adjustments in their work and the work of their teams. 

This programme will teach you how to increase your personal productivity by creating effective habits and strategies to help you get more done in less time. You will learn how to identify and prioritize tasks, manage your energy, reduce distractions and procrastination, and create a system to keep yourself on track and organized. Through this programme, you will develop the skills and tools you need to reach your goals and maximize your performance.



Inga Gleizdāne has a variety of roles in which she helps organizations and individuals reach their goals in an enjoyable way. Inga works to develop great ideas and has consulted with management teams of over 100 companies from a variety of countries, cultures, sizes, structures and strategies. Her expertise lies in compensation system, reward management, performance management, function and organization structure analysis and development.

Who should attend

  • Individuals in a company willing to become more organized and effective in their daily tasks, from entry-level to senior-level executives.
  • Managers, or those in leadership positions, who are looking to improve their own personal productivity and the productivity of their teams and colleagues.

Benefits for the organization

As a result of the module the managers will have gained theoretical knowledge on personal productivity and applied it to identify specific practical actions that they will do differently to improve "doing things right and do the right things". Moreover, they will be able to encourage their team and colleagues to pay attention to its development and potentially guide them.

Benefits for the participants

  • You will take time to analyse your performance from personal productivity perspective, identify potential improvements and create a list of things how to work more effectively or efficiently.
  • You will take time to reflect, analyse and developing self-management skills that are of increasing importance in the rapid and ambiguous environment.


Planning and time management, goal setting, delegating and accountability, focus and how to limit procrastination. 

Topics covered:

  • How to plan and prioritize tasks
  • Address common productivity obstacles
  • How to maintain focus and motivation
  • Goal setting
  • Time and task management
  • Tools and techniques for productivity tracking
  • Strategies for developing better habits and eliminating distractions

Participation fee

EUR 290 + VAT

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