Dace has a background in journalism, as she has obtained a bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from the University of Latvia, and has worked as a journalist for several media. She also has a Master’s degree in European Studies. Dace has been professionally involved in communication-related positions for the past 15 years.

Since joining the MC team, she has been responsible for Future Media Management programmes and the annual International Ander Forum Reinventing Media Business.

The past year has been challenging for the MC, as the director Sabīne Sīle resigned. Her efforts in the centre's development and expertise are highly appreciated and we continue to collaborate in certain areas of work. Anders Alexanderson, one of the founders of the MC, remains on the team as an executive advisor.

 A few of Dace's goals are:

  • To retain MC programmes of high quality and with global impact
  • To explore the needs of independent media and develop new meaningful programmes
  • To expand activities and partnership
  • To empower the existing MC team

One of her first priorities Dace has set - meeting the partners and finding collaboration areas.

The Anne-Marie and Gustaf Ander Centre for Media Studies was founded in 2009. The Centre’s activities are focused on three priorities: Sustainability and Media Management, Investigative Reporting, and Networking and capacity building.