The series will offer texts about specific issues raised by climate change such as geoengineering, migration, energy policies, international trade. It will be cross-disciplinary, open to a broad variety of experts, from moral and political theorists to social scientists, economists and public policy specialists. 
Xavier Landes explained that "the goal is to offer the state-to-the-art analysis on specific issues and dimensions of climate change from a social sciences and humanities perspective. Instead of offering another collection on the science and effects of climate change, with Rowman and Littlefield we will propose more targeted books. Moreover, the books will underline concrete public policy implications, i.e. useful for decision makers. Finally, we want our books to be as accessible as possible, with several "levels of reading", i.e. that no matter if the reader is a first-year SSE Riga student, a more advanced researcher, working for the Latvian government or for a big company, everyone should be able to find something of interest."
Concerning the publication schedule, Landes indicates that it will take off slowly. "For the moment, we have a couple of book projects in the pipes, the first one on climate engineering is planned to be out by summer 2021. We hope to reach a cruise speed of 2-3 books published annually within a couple of years," says Landes.

Proposals on the following topics/areas are welcome:

  • Climate Justice
  • Adaptation, Mitigation and Climate Change Policy
  • Climate Change and Moral Disagreement
  • Engineering and Governing the Climate
  • Migration Policies and Climate refugees
  • Energy Policies, Renewables, Nuclear Energy
  • Climate/Green Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Right to Development and Sustainable Development Goals
  • Global Justice and International Relations
  • Population, Climate and Future Generations, including population control policies
  • International Trade and Climate Change
  • Consumption Policy and Climate Change.
  • Potential of Climate Change on Democratic Institutions
  • Climate Activism and its Impact on Domestic and International Politics
  • Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change
  • Sustainable Happiness and Climate Change