Mini MBA: Strategic Management Programme

May 13 - 17 and May 27 - 31 | 09:00 – 17:00
EUR 4900 + VAT
SSE Riga, Strēlnieku street 4a, Riga


Module #1: Competition 
Asynchronous online, self-paced 

Module #2: Finance Fundamentals 
Asynchronous online, self-paced 

Module #3: Finance Management
May 13 - 15 (May 15 until 12:30)
Anete Pajuste, at SSE Riga

Module #4: Strategy
May 15 (from 13:30) - May 17
Yuri Romanenkov, at SSE Riga

Module #5: Marketing
May 27 - 29  (May 29 until 12:30)
John Branch, at SSE Riga

Module #6: Leadership 
May 29 (from 13:30) - May 31
Peter Zashev, at SSE Riga 

Graduation ceremony
May 31, 16:30-18:00

The programme is implemented in cooperation with the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan. Learning takes place using the ExtendEd Learning Portal and on-site at SSE Riga.

Take your career to the next level with this transformational learning experience. The Mini MBA Programme features six modules that equip you with a cross-functional approach to business. They present both strategic management principles and the most recent theoretical developments. You will have the opportunity to explore real situations faced by yourself and fellow participants within your own businesses.




The Mini MBA programme opens the door to state-of-the-art thinking about the fundamentals of business and management. Participants will develop a new mindset and will have an advanced toolbox at their disposal to promote organizational success.


You can expect:

  • Access to world-class professors who will share global best practices
  • Lively discussions around global management trends
  • Opportunities to explore the challenges that you face every day in your business
  • Tools and techniques to improve leadership and managerial skills
  • Time to take a pause from your daily work and recharge, reflect and refine your career path
  • Valuable lessons from peers who come from different industries, thereby sparking creative new ideas
  • Cutting-edge pedagogy, designed for mid-career professionals
  • A professional peer network that benefits you long after the programme ends

A co-branded graduation certificate from the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan and SSE Riga


The Mini MBA Programme offers a dynamic, 21st Century community of learning:

  • Ample opportunity to interact and learn from both our world-class instructors and your peers
  • Access to key materials and a learning community before, during and after the formal program through our ExtendEd learning portal
  • Interactive sessions in which participants discuss situations in their own business environments


The Mini MBA programme consists of six modules:

Module 1: Competition

This module introduces the economic foundations of competition in market-based economies, by explaining how companies win or lose in a competitive environment. You will be able to pinpoint your company’s competitive position in the market, and identify strategic options to maintain or change this position.

Module 2: Finance Fundamentals

This module covers basic topics of managerial finance including financial statements, time value of money, capital budgeting, business valuation, debt and equity financing. You will learn how to read financial statements and gain an understanding of how financial decisions are made at your company.

Module 3: Finance Management

This module explores the finance side of the business, how operations are tied to provide proper return to investors and to increase company value for the owners. You will be able to see the financial impacts of your business decisions.

Module 4: Strategy

This module will help participants understand how businesses create and capture value, which decisions are strategic and which are not, and how integrated sets of strategic choices link with strong market positions and superior financial performance. Together, we will also examine some of the frontier digital strategy topics incl. platform business models, business ecosystems, and GenAI.

Module 5: Marketing

This module explores the fundamentals of marketing and develops a framework for creating a go-to-market strategy and its corresponding marketing tactics. You will be able to select the appropriate tools, analysis and logic for taking a product to market.

Module 6: Leadership

This module explores important models of human performance and how they can be applied to different organizational context to enhance your managerial effectiveness. Mixing state-of-the-art knowledge and frameworks with practical examples, hints and tools, you will be able to generate energy and commitment among people and to channel this towards strategic organizational goals in an ethical and responsible way.


Competition & Marketing

John Branch, Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan
PhD, University of Cambridge

John Branch teaches marketing and international business courses at the undergraduate, MBA, and executive levels at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan (USA). He has also served as Director of Educational Outreach at the University’s William Davidson Institute, which focuses on business in emerging economies. Professor Branch has also served as an adjunct or visiting professor at more than 50 business schools throughout the world and was a visiting scholar at Queen Elizabeth House of the University of Oxford and at the Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University. He has conducted management training in numerous international companies including British American Tobacco, British Telecom, Mercedes Benz, Oracle, Coca-Cola, Michelin, Ericsson, and Nestlé.

“Teaching in the Mini MBA programme is a highlight of my academic year. The participants are hungry to learn the latest advancements in marketing, and the unique challenges which they face in the everyday are fascinating.” 

Financial Management

Anete Pajuste, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
PhD, Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden)

Anete Pajuste teaches finance and accounting at the undergraduate and executive levels at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. She has extensive experience and training in participant-centered learning methods such as cases and experiential learning. Her articles have appeared in journals including the Journal of Corporate Finance, the Oxford Review of Economic Policy and the Journal of Banking and Finance. She is a research member of the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI). Professor Pajuste serves as a consultant on firm valuation, cost accounting, investment management and financial planning issues and shares her practical knowledge from investing in equities, index funds and real estate.

"The Mini MBA programme attracts diverse and enthusiastic participants that are eager to learn and share their experiences and everyday business challenges. I very much enjoy working with people that are engaged in class discussions and practical tasks. At the end of this module, I am happy to see that many participants start to believe that Finance is fun!" 


Peter Zashev, Hanken School of Economics
PhD, Hanken School of Economics

Peter Zashev He holds a PhD in Economics and Business Administration from the Hanken School of Economics. He has more than 18 years of experience in executive education as lecturer and programme director. He has worked with the management of big companies across Europe and mainly in the Nordic countries, the Baltic States and Russia. As high-energy speaker, he engages audiences with his natural storytelling ability. His thought-provoking messages leave audiences with valuable information to take back to the office and immediately put into practice. His academic interests include leadership and management, international business strategy and entrepreneurship, and cross-cultural communications.

“Great leadership is not a final destination – it is a journey! In any journey the role and input of your guide can make a big difference – where to look for, what to look at, what to try and what to avoid! For me being a trusted guide on your way to better leadership is both an honor and a privilege!”



Yuri Romanenkov, SSE Riga / London Business School
DBA, SDA Bocconi; MBA Harvard Business School

Yuri is the Chairman of EMBA, a senior Lecturer in Strategy at SSE Riga, and the Academic Director of the Next Generation Digital Strategy executive education programme at London Business School. Yuri also advises corporate executives and private equity investors around Europe on strategy, M&A, and business transformation, building on over 15 years of experience as a management consultant, incl. with Boston Consulting Group in the firm’s London, New York, and Paris offices. His prior teaching engagements include teaching undergraduate micro- and macro-economics at Harvard University. Yuri holds a Doctorate in Business Administration with Excellence from SDA Bocconi, an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School, and a BSc in Economics & Business from SSE Riga.

Participant profile

Our participants:

  • Come from a wide variety of organisations and industries
  • Understand core business functions and are ready to adopt new perspectives on these functions.
  • Have 5 or more years of managerial experience

Instruction is in English and participants should be sufficiently fluent in order to contribute to discussions and group work.

Participation fee

4900 EUR + VAT

The price includes access to all training materials, catering, books, cases, tools, and models.

Receive a 10% discount on the participation fee if you have participated in any of our open programmes during the past 12 months.

Teeter Scholarships available

Managers of small, regional companies and non-governmental organizations may apply for a Teeter Scholarship, which is awarded on a competitive basis. 

3 scholarships are offered – 1 full scholarship and 2 scholarships covering 50% of the participation fee.

Teeter Scholarships are provided to selected participants to attend executive education programs offered by the William Davidson Institute. The scholarships are named to honor the memory of Robert M. Teeter, an advisor to U.S. presidents from 1968-1992 and a board member at the William Davidson Institute.

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The Mini MBA programme by SSE Riga offers superb value! The leadership module focuses on tailored employee management strategies, finance module deep-dives into complexities of cash flow, profit and loss statements, perpetuity calculations, and more. The strategy and competition module provide a framework for corporate strategy and the marketing module focuses on finding the best suited go-to-market strategy. All of which help to better structure your decision-making strategy in day-to-day business operations.

— Elviss Straupenieks
CEO, Airboard

If there is any sight of stagnation, lack of creativity or efficiency, the Mini MBA programme can be considered as one of the best ways to get a fresh view and inspiration to boost the energy of your business or professional contribution to the company. 

— Olga Karūna
CEO, Consultant, Coach, Liberaria.Life

It's a great programme for mid and senior-level managers willing to review their beliefs, grow a comprehensive business acumen or simply learn a new skill. This experience had a significant and lasting effect on my way of doing and leading business.

— Aleksandrs Saveļjevs
Aeronautical Services Manager, Emirates
Laine Vītola
Executive Education Open Programme Manager. Read More
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