Mindaugas Petrauskas graduated from the universities in Vilnius and Cardiff with a specialization in maritime law and marine affairs. He has been working in shipping, oil & gas industries for more than 15 years. Currently, Petrauskas works for Höegh LNG and commercially manages floating storage regasification units as well as liquified natural gas carriers worldwide. During his career, he has held various managerial roles. But, at some point of his professional life, Petrauskas realized that he needs to study and gain in-depth knowledge in business administration.

When selecting a business school for his EMBA studies, Petrauskas paid great attention to the curriculum and a good balance between work and studies.

“I can now confidently say that SSE Riga provides both, extensive, high-quality curriculum and caters the needs of executives with busy schedules. SSE Riga is a business school with long-established traditions. Students always feel supported and can benefit from close ties with the mother-school -Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden.”

The academic discipline is what Petrauskas appreciated about the school very much. The intensity of studies has positively influenced attitude towards learning. The sense of “back to school” accompanied him throughout two years of the EMBA programme.

The cross-culture module was extremely valuable for him as his current role involves leading culturally diverse teams. Not only the module was run in SSE Stockholm, but also all EMBA groups from Stockholm, Riga and Moscow attended, providing an excellent mix of students with different backgrounds and generating intense discussions during lectures and beyond.

The SSE Riga Executive MBA programme was launched in 2002 and more than 300 individuals have been awarded an Executive MBA diploma from SSE Riga. The programme participants also benefits form its international and highly experienced student body.

“For those hesitating to start the EMBA studies at SSE, I would recommend firstly, securing so much needed support from the company, colleagues or partners and, most importantly, your family; and then make a move. The studies at SSE Riga are demanding but also very rewarding,” Petrauskas wraps up.

Explore the SSE Riga Executive MBA programme and apply for studies by June 1, 2020.