As Landes developed: “The current circumstances are worrying enough with unfolding climate change, which would require more robust actions and cooperation among States. However, we are facing such a gloomy situation in an international context that has significantly deteriorated with the wars in Ukraine, Palestine, etc. If we look at it in a cold manner, 5 storms are particularly menacing: a Russian strategic ‘victory’ in Ukraine, the collapse of NATO/EU solidarity, the triumph of populism in the US and the EU, the unchecked expansion of socioeconomic inequalities, and runaway climate change. As mentioned in the conclusion of the piece, my intent is not to promote some sort of defeatism or pessimism. Quite the contrary. My claim is that those exceptional times call for leaders and citizens to rise to the task, especially when it comes to deepening the trans-Atlantic and European projects. In short, we need more international cooperation and less national isolationism.”

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