In this article, Landes argues that the Kremlin is attempting to destabilize liberal democratic nations, especially those within the European Union, by nurturing three sorts of fatigues: strategic (by making the war dragging on while weaponizing the prices of various commodities), moral (by blurring the distinction between right and wrong claims, good and bad actions in Ukraine and elsewhere), and political (by feeding EU citizens’ discontent towards their institutions and leaders and supporting far left-wing and far right-wing parties).

Landes explains that ’at the end of the day, the Kremlin has an issue with liberal democracy as a political regime. The protection of individual rights and freedoms (the liberal part) as well as the government of the people by the people for the people (the democratic part) constitute a heresy for an authoritarian regime based on a kleptocratic oligarchy. Moreover, it is a direct threat because it creates the public accountability of the leaders. Therefore, it is no surprise to observe the Russian government trying to destabilize the EU through various means.’