“The war in Ukraine has revealed the extent of the reach of the Kremlin’s interests within French politics through the convergence of political views and the influence of Russian money, ” explains Landes. 

"To that respect, the case of Marine Le Pen, candidate of the National Rally, a far-right party, should constitute a wake-up call. In addition to promoting xenophobic and authoritarian ideas, she has advanced over the years the project of undermining NATO and European Union, the very organizations which stand right now in support of Ukraine and, ultimately, defend the European democratic model. Moreover, she has constantly advocated for a strategic partnership with Russia. If elected, she will act as a Trojan horse, working for the Kremlin’s interests within the EU and NATO, with likely adverse consequences for the Baltic region. If not elected (which is the most probable outcome), her performance in the presidential ballot should lead to a serious assessment of the European vulnerability to the influence of Russian authoritarianism."

Link to the full article (in Latvian): https://satori.lv/article/marina-lepena-un-kremla-gara-ena-francijas-politika