Leading in VUCA World

June 8–9, 2023 | 09:00 – 17:00
SSE Riga, Strēlnieku 4a
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To operate successfully in today’s fast-moving, complex climate, leaders must often feel that they have to run just to keep still.

New technology comes in and disrupts markets almost overnight. Competitors emerge from unexpected corners. Political and economic situations shift rapidly, exposing organizations to unprecedented levels of risk and vulnerability.

We are indeed operating in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world — and it’s becoming clear that our comfortable, classic models of leadership don’t work in this constantly changing climate.


Peter Zashev

Peter Zashev is an academic, business trainer and high-energy speaker on leadership, change and team performance, co-author of the HPT Index online assessment tool. Peter has more than 15 years of executive education experience working with the management of big companies across Europe and mainly in the Nordic countries, the Baltic States and Russia. His experience, knowledge and skills draw on:

Academia - holding a MSc degree from the St Petersburg State University in Russia and a PhD from Hanken School of Economics in Finland, currently Peter is a Program Director at Hanken & SSE Executive Education, Finland and an Adjunct Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

Business – Being himself an active entrepreneur and board member, he has considerable consulting experience featuring private customers and projects in business strategy and organization as well as offering expert services to national and international organizations.

Multicultural - Peter is Bulgarian by origin, Finnish by nationality, Estonian by residence, half Swedish by workplace and with extensive Russian experience. He speaks English, Russian, Bulgarian and Finnish.



The ability to foresee the need for, initiate and implement change is one of the key responsibilities of leaders. However, easier said than done! It is a challenging task to sharpen one’s abilities to be mindful and observant, beware of the macro-trends and connect the dots to come up with a vision for the company/business.

But having a vision is not enough to launch change! Leaders should be able to drive change across the organization and the bigger the change or the organization the more difficult the process. How can that be done smoothly? Evidence suggests that there is certain system and models that help leaders drive change in a systematic way.

Last but not least change is about convincing people over which often we do not have any power. Therefore it is very important to have the awareness and the instruments to influence colleagues and employees, convince them to support new ideas and initiatives and make them embrace change! 

Who should attend

Managers, leaders and business owners who want to have a more holistic view and approach in reading the future and preparing their organizations for it. 


The intensive two-day course "Leading in VUCA World" is designed to provide participants with cutting-edge knowledge and strategic tools that help to understand the organizational dynamics and human nature of change and to gain concrete tools and instruments in choosing change priorities and convincing others to join.

Part 1: The Telescope

The time to prepare for change is not when it hits. It’s before it hits, and during times of relative calm. Reacting to change in the moment keeps you forever on the defensive, and the consequences can be severe. You’re unable to see where the future is heading because your attention is consumed with dodging the next curveball. This exposes your organization to unnecessary risks and overlooks new opportunities.

•    Seeing the future and preparing your organization for it

•    Interpreting and acting upon the megatrends

•    Building resilient organizations

Part 2: The Microscope

Change requires excellent leadership and still faces resistance on many levels for logical and sometimes illogical reasons. Therefore, just focusing attention on devising the best possible vision and strategy is not enough. Good leaders have to understand the human aspect of change and learn how to plan and execute it correctly. The "soft” side of change has very “hard” and concrete implications: mastering it needn’t be a mystery.

•    Timing and psychology of change

•    Planning and driving change initiatives

•    Influence without power

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790 EUR + VAT

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Leading in VUCA World

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