Leadership that Matters

November 9 – 10, 2023 | 09:00 – 17:00
SSE Riga, Strēlnieku 4a
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Many of us neither thought nor went after a leadership career – it was just a career step or entrepreneurial growth that suddenly involved a requirement for leadership skills. Leadership is far better learned than taught. Yet, lacking the knowledge, the skills and a path, developing a leadership character can result in a painful learning experience for both the leader and the team. Thus, it helps to get a systematic understanding of what it is that leaders do and how to build a leadership character as well as boosting leadership performance, concrete techniques, tips and hints. That is what this two-day program aims at! The big question after accomplishing it is: what did you do once you knew?



What is leadership and what is it that leaders do? These questions do not have universal answers!

Some cultures believe it is all about having charisma. Others argue that leadership is an inherited quality that one either has or has not.

No matter how you answer, one thing is for sure: be it in school or university, very few of us are actually trained about what it takes to be a leader and how to develop and improve our leadership skills. Next thing we know, some years later, we climb the career ladder and now the expectation is that we will successfully lead a team (big or small).

Performing poorly as a leader is disappointing and demotivating, both for the leader and for the team. But once we get it right leadership is one of the most rewarding roles we can play in life!



Peter Zashev is an academic, business trainer and high-energy speaker on leadership, change and team performance, co-author of the HPT Index online assessment tool. Peter has more than 15 years of executive education experience working with the management of big companies across Europe and mainly in the Nordic countries, the Baltic States and Russia. His experience, knowledge and skills draw on:

Academia - holding a MSc degree from the St Petersburg State University in Russia and a PhD from Hanken School of Economics in Finland, currently Peter is a Program Director at Hanken & SSE Executive Education, Finland and an Adjunct Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

Business – Being himself an active entrepreneur and board member, he has considerable consulting experience featuring private customers and projects in business strategy and organization as well as offering expert services to national and international organizations.

Multicultural - Peter is Bulgarian by origin, Finnish by nationality, Estonian by residence, half Swedish by workplace and with extensive Russian experience. He speaks English, Russian, Bulgarian and Finnish.

Who should attend?

Leadership is an ongoing journey and no matter at what stage of our career we are, it always pays off to continuously develop our leadership character, knowledge and skills.

Thus the programme is open to anyone who permanently strives to be better as a leader and recognizes the benefits of better leadership, be it better team spirit, corporate culture, results orientation or simply profitability.


  • What is that we actually expect leaders to do and how does their role differ (if it does) from the role of managers?
  • Building leadership skills and character: construct your personal leadership development map.
  • Looking for strategic direction: how do leaders set priorities?
  • Adaptive leadership: your natural leadership style and how to change it in different situations and participants involved in them?
  • Coaching top performance: benefits, techniques and common mistakes in coaching.
  • Self-leadership: lead yourself before you lead others.
  • The fine art of delegating: finding the time to do what matters more.
  • Communicating for impact: the leader’s essential toolkit.
  • The power of positive leadership.

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EUR 790 + VAT

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