There are number of attempts to decrease the negative impact on the environment thus the concept of circular economy is being developed. The idea with circular economy is to reduce the use of natural resources by decreased consumption of new resources and more active reuse of the existing ones.

Circular economy is focused on the change of the previous linear model for resource consumption namely: take, make, dispose. The goal is to close a loop and ensure the reuse and recycle of the materials. This will lead to significant decrease in the consumption of natural resources and improve sustainability of our planet.

SSE Riga always has been one of the leaders in development of sustainability concepts thus the creation of the international course in Circular Economy is a logical part of this work.

The course is being developed together with our partners from Germany (Hochschule Niederrhain) Finland (HAMK) and Denmark (VIA University College) and will be conducted for students from all 4 countries (pictures from the joint meeting in Riga).

Aivars Timofejevs course developer from SSE Riga emphasizes: “This course will be very significant for our sustainability mission on the international arena. It will also be an attempt to develop new innovative methods of teaching that would increase involvement of students and facilitate innovation that are crucial for development of circular economy.”