In total, 79 out of 100 graduates participated in the survey, offering valuable insights into their early career experiences five months post-graduation. The Class of 2023 graduated in June 2023, and the survey was conducted in November 2023.

Top Industries & Most Popular Job Titles 

Our recent graduates have successfully applied their diverse talents across various industries, with the top four sectors for several years in a row being:

  1. Banking & Finance: 30%
  2. Audit & Consulting: 15%
  3. IT or other technologies: 15%
  4. Wholesale & Retail: 15%

Additionally, our graduates have started careers in Marketing & Advertising (5%), Real Estate (5%), Energy & Utilities (5%), and Manufacturing (5%).

The survey reveals that a substantial 72% are working in organizations employing over 50 individuals.

The top three job titles are:

  1. Analyst: 44%
  2. Consultant: 14%
  3. Specialist: 12%

The vast majority are employed in finance and economics departments within the company. Graduates stress how highly they value finance, economics, and data analytics courses taught at SSE Riga and how tremendously helpful they are in their current jobs.

Career Choices

Our Class of 2023 graduates strategically selected their current placements based on various factors. The top five reasons include a strong emphasis on:

  1. Continuous learning: value ongoing opportunities for learning in their specialty.
  2. Career development opportunities: prioritize professional growth.
  3. Salary: seek financial rewards.
  4. Gaining experience in a particular field: focus on industry exposure.
  5. Content of the work: find fulfillment in meaningful tasks.

Graduates were asked to assess their satisfaction levels regarding their current job and career - the overall percentage of respondents who indicated they are satisfied or very satisfied with their current job and career is 60%. The distribution of responses includes 2% expressing dissatisfaction, 5% somewhat dissatisfied, 12% neutral, 21% somewhat satisfied, 41% satisfied, and 19% very satisfied. 

The survey results also shed light on the question "Which skills and competencies, aside from professional ones, are the most in-demand in your current job?" The results highlight a high demand for adaptability and critical thinking skills, as 56% of respondents emphasize their importance. Open-mindedness and proactivity are also valued in current roles, with 36% and 46% expressing their significance, respectively.

Average Salary Insights & Job Search Channels

The financial landscape unveils a promising start, the three most common early career compensations among our Class of 2023 graduates are falling within the range of

  • monthly salary of 1201-1500 (18%)
  • monthly salary of 1701-1900 (15%)
  • monthly salary of 2100+ (33%)

EUR gross just 5 months post-graduation.

It's interesting that 44 respondents mention they found employment even prior to graduation. The findings reveal that 53 respondents acknowledge that receiving an education at SSE Riga significantly enhanced their competitiveness and employability in the eyes of employers.

Lastly, based on responses, this is how the job has been found:

  • Job advertisement (LinkedIn, career portals etc.): 36% 
  • Through an internship in this company: 17%
  • Received job offer from a company: 15%
  • SSE Riga alumni network/e-mail: 14%
  • Acquaintances: 8%
  • During Days of Opportunities event and company presentations at SSE Riga: 3%
  • Started own business: 3%
  • Other: 4%


Encouragement for Prospective Students

The advice provided by respondents to high school students considering studying economics and business at SSE Riga is overwhelmingly positive.

Students are encouraged to embrace challenges for self-development, leverage the School's prestige for a competitive edge in the job market, and persist in the face of difficulties.

The close-knit community, diverse courses, practical approaches, and emphasis on soft skill development are highlighted, reinforcing SSE Riga's reputation as a valuable and unique institution for high-quality education and career opportunities in the Baltics and beyond.

Class of 2023 graduates say:

"The SSE Riga degree is versatile, exposing you to a wide range of courses and fields. The school not only sharpens your thinking and tests your limits but also reveals diverse career paths post-graduation. I, personally, found my unique path after exploring various courses and interacting with different people over three years."

"Don't be afraid if you don’t have the 'right' background from high school. I didn't take any business-related classes or advanced mathematics, but I still applied, got accepted, received a scholarship, and was able to learn everything at SSE Riga!"

"SSE Riga is not only about simple theoretical education but also deeply focuses on developing soft skills that will not only help you but also better prepare you for any work situations in the future - you build a 'deeper skin."

"I saw it as a challenge more than anything else. For me, that challenge has more than paid off, even if it's not directly connected to finance, economics, or similar fields. If you're seeking challenges and personal development, in my opinion, SSE Riga reigns supreme."