FICIL set out to follow up on the original report with the goal to find out valuable insight into the challenges investors are currently facing, how they evaluate the Government’s efforts and what actions are still needed in terms of facilitating economic recovery. This report (follow-up survey) aims to provide an assessment of foreign investors in Latvia with regards to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

With this study our intention is to support policy makers with up-to-date information, fostering evidence-based policy decisions to support business climate and stabilise the economy. It is now even more important to share best practice and knowledge gained through experience locally as well as internationally to minimise the long-term negative impact of COVID-19. 

The study is conducted by the Foreign Investors Council in Latvia in cooperation with the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. 

“In this study we draw on the survey of 42 foreign investors in Latvia, in order to gain investors viewpoints with regards to the effect of COVID-19. Data have been collected in May 2020,” explains co-author of this study Professor Arnis Sauka.

Please see the follow-up survey here