Financial Management Essentials

October 30, November 1, 6 and 8 | 14:00 – 18:00
Online, Zoom
EUR 690 + PVN


Learn how to analyze financial statements and assess a company's financial health to make informed decisions that can have a positive impact on the value of a company.



Understanding financial statements and company value is essential for anyone involved in business, investing, or finance. Financial statements provide valuable insights into a company's financial health and can help identify areas for improvement. By analyzing financial statements, professionals can make informed decisions that can impact the value and success of a company.


Anete Pajuste

Anete Pajuste is a Professor of Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE Riga) and a Visiting Professor at Boston University (Questrom School of Business). She is also a research member of the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) and a founder and board member of the Baltic Family Firm Institute (BFFI). Anete holds a PhD in Finance from the Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden). 

Professor Pajuste has been teaching accounting and finance related courses since 2000, at the undergraduate, MBA, EMBA and executive education levels, and has an extensive experience and training in participant centered learning methods such as cases and experiential learning. In parallel with her academic work, Anete serves as a consultant on firm valuation, cost accounting, investment management and financial planning issues, and shares her practical knowledge from investing in stock markets and real estate. Prior to joining academia, Anete worked in asset management.

Who should attend

This programme is intended for anyone who wants to better understand the language of financial statements and acquire the skills to evaluate the company's financial situation and key value drivers.

Benefits for the participants

Participants will learn how to analyze financial data, interpret financial statements, and make informed decisions based on financial information. These skills can help participants make better investment decisions, improve business operations, and enhance their career opportunities.

Benefits for the organization

Employees who know the "language" of financial reporting are an asset to any company. This language helps you understand the company's strengths and weaknesses, as well as assess the financial health of your competitors or business partners.


  • Financial statement analysis (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement)
  • Financial ratios
  • Peer analysis and benchmarking
  • Forecasting
  • Business valuation
  • Discounted cash flow model
  • Multiples
  • Investors' perspective

Participation fee

EUR 690 + VAT

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