The overall aim of the programme is to provide individuals who have already showed potential in their professional career with knowledge, skills and tools, in order to develop their capacity for further success in a fast-changing local and emerging global environment. At SSE Riga, the average age of our EMBA students is 37, with 10+ years of work experience. 

A lot of the learning comes from interaction with classmates. Great diversity of backgrounds among the students and teaching staff is one of the most exciting aspects of studies at SSE Riga. Since Executive MBA participants have had several years of management experience this allows students to share experiences and discuss practical issues that supplement academic learning. 

Here are just a few reflections from our students: 

"The level of trust that builds between people at the school is difficult to achieve anywhere else."

"The European and international context of this education is the greatest value at SSE Riga.”

"Takeaways from the programme include developing a strategic vision and a good sense of direction."

“The Executive MBA programme provides the unique opportunity to gain insight into similar as well as completely different industries from one's own.”

“I believe that the return on investment for education is higher than anything we can expect in some financial markets today.”

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