Call for Nominations: The Greste Baltic Freedom of Speech Award 2018

The Stockholm School of Economics in Riga welcomes nominations for the Greste Baltic Freedom of Speech Award 2018. Organisations and individuals may be nominated for the Greste Award for their substantial contribution towards defending and enhancing freedom of speech in the Baltic States.

Nominations may be made through the online nomination form. The jury will choose one winner from from each Baltic country (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania).

The jury for the award represent journalist and human rights organisations from the Baltic States, and ARTICLE 19- an international human rights organisation defending freedom of expression and information around the world.

The Chairman of the jury is Peter Greste, an Australian journalist who while working for Al Jazeera, was accused of supporting a terrorist organization and spent 400 days in a Cairo prison.  Professor Greste has Latvian roots and actively supports freedom of speech in the region.

In addition to pubic recognition and gratitude, the winners of the Greste Freedom of Speech Award will receive a symbolic monetary gift of 500 euros. The Award ceremony will take place in Riga on November 6, 2018.

Online nomination form

The Deadline to submit nominations: October 12, 2018.

Anne-Marie and Gustaf Ander Foundation, The Australian Embassy in Sweden, The Embassy of Sweden in Latvia, The Embassy of Sweden in Estonia, The Embassy of Finland in Latvia, Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Latvia, UNESCO.

Delfi Media, ARTICLE 19

Julia Rodina
Centre for Media Studies Programme Coordinator in Estonia. Read More