Citizens of 9 countries are represented in the Class of 2026: Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. 

The Opening Ceremony on August 21st started with the traditional Gaudeamus song performed by the SSE Riga choir, setting a special tone for the students' journey.

The President of the Student Association Oskars Valdis Kalnozols delivered an encouraging message, emphasizing the sense of unity within the SSE Riga family. Rector Anders Paalzow extended a heartfelt welcome, reassuring students about the transformative path ahead. Speaking on behalf of our alumni, the President of the Alumni Association Arta Beitāne highlighted that the young generation of students will feel a close connection to the alumni, and many of them will later benefit from the mentorship programme provided by our alumni.

The first lecture took place on the same day later. We are sure that the first week will start with new friendships, experiences, and great memories for SSE Riga's Class of 2026.

In addition, this autumn semester, we have welcomed 30 exchange students from Austria, France, Germany, India, Italy, Latvia, Malaysia, Portugal, and Spain who will join our full-time students.

If you are interested in starting your studies next year, we are also pleased to introduce our Student Recruitment Officer for the Bachelor's programme. Please reach out to Ilona Maksimcika at if you have any questions about the admissions process for next year's intake.